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Honorary Takaful Loan, Entrepreneurship Boost

Posted on Jul 26, 2022, 6:41 PM

Interest-free loan of up to 8000 euros

Le Prêt d’Honneur Solidaire (PH Solidaire), l’un des trois Prêts d’Honneur opérés par Bpifrance pour les réseaux d’accompagnement, est spécialement étudié pour offrir à tout entre porteur de projet la possibilité prisan de crêer son, From the beginning. Its goal is to fight any form of determinism, social, family or territorial, by giving the impetus that will allow you to get started, whatever your situation and weaknesses. Thus it targets beneficiaries of the social minimum, job seekers, people from a sensitive area, a rural recovery area or a protected company, as well as young people under 25 years of age (up to 29 years with a disability). With an amount between 1,000 and 8,000 euros, it enhances the equity of the originator or buyer and consolidates the bank loan (with a minimum equal amount and an equivalent repayment period, between 1 and 5 years). The terms of grants are very beneficial, as this loan is given at zero rate with no application fee to the person and thus no guarantee of his goods or company assets.
The only requirement: to have support from one of the three main national support networks that issue the loan, namely Adie, France-Active and Initiative France, which have a strong regional presence. Founded in 1985, the France Initiative has 207 local associations (and 770 reception venues) located everywhere in France and abroad. “They are all unique in that they are related and correspond to the needs of their territory, but they share the common task of financing and supporting the creation and takeover of businesses,” explains Patricia Lexelnet, General Delegate of the France Initiative.

Patricia Lexelnet, General Delegate of the France Initiative.

More than just financial support

From idea emergence to three years for the company, the network helps finish the project, finance it at launch or acquisition (in 30% of cases) and sustain it. “Supporting in the creation, by having a well-defined financing plan from the start, a project secured by experts, is what makes a huge difference. As proof of that, we have a 90% sustainability rate in three years. However, seven out of ten are still of project leaders who do not seek support in France. This is truer with regard to those who are targeted by the honorary loan than by solidarity: “Unlike our traditional audience, they do not come to us automatically. So we have strengthened our national communications, which are transmitted locally, especially on social networks, which is the only medium that is really able to reach the younger generation. And in the regions, France Initiative associations mobilize and work with actors in this field such as Missions Locales, which are largely located in the provinces, sports associations or locally established networks such as Les Déterminés. Solidarity Honorary Loans represent 10% of our financing activity, but are absolutely essential to this goal,” emphasizes Patricia Lexelent.
France Initiative issues approximately 3,700 PH Solidere annually, alone or with the Honor Loan Initiative, the “inner product”. Since we support many young people under the age of thirty, we highly recommend them as part of the In’cube Enhanced Support Program.” Currently, until the end of the year, any young person under the age of thirty who joins this program will receive a bonus of €3,000 in the form of a subsidy.

PH Solidaire is edited by Bpifrance as soon as the financing plan is completed with details of funds distributed according to the actors (PH Solidaire share, initiative honorary loan share, bank loan share), and the project is validated by the approval committee. “Having a Takaful loan from Takaful makes it possible to complete the Round Table, to facilitate the approval decision and delay the bank loan. Our endorsement lends credibility to the project, especially since the bankers are members of our approval committees, along with business leaders, lawyers and chartered accountants. ..these are people who are familiar with the entrepreneurial activity but also the economic fabric of the region, because the project will not have the same chances of success depending on its location.”
The France initiative is a very general network, and therefore PH Solidaires offered by you covers all kinds of activities, in particular service companies, hotels, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, graphic design agencies, landscaping or transportation … “We really like small business projects, which revive local life Because our mission is not only to be at the service of entrepreneurs but also at the service of communities, to help them revitalize their lands.”

Why don’t you?

To learn more about creating a business and finding the network that can support you according to your needs, visit the Bpifrance Création website.
You’ll also find The Complete Entrepreneurship Program for Everyone, the program that supports neighborhood entrepreneurial energy on the site.

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