Testimonials - Recommendations.  Victor and Eyal attended engineering school in parallel admission

Testimonials – Recommendations. Victor and Eyal attended engineering school in parallel admission

Testimonials – Recommendations. Engineering colleges reserve places in parallel admission for students who did not attend a preparatory course and did not attend a written course. Student Victor and Eyal met …

Competitive exams are not a necessary step for engineering college integration. Diversity a lot by opening their doors Diverse profiles through parallel admission of students. Two students tell the student about the path that led them to the College of Engineering.

DUT’s Choice for “Not Sitting in a Chair”

In 2019, Victor is close to passing Bac S, and the path ahead seems clear: Take a preparatory course before enrolling in the College of Engineering Then work in the field of biomedicine.

If the purpose had not changed – Victor still wanted to become an engineer in the health sector – his career had undergone some changes. “I didn’t want to sit on my chair from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day to do this theory,” he says. Then he discovers the possibility of undergoing DUTShe chose to major in Electrical, Computer and Industrial Engineering at the IUT of Orléans.

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More hands-on teaching

Option to leave it Many open doors for further studiesAnd he does not regret today. “There are a lot of advantages. We do a lot of training, especially with training periods. In addition, if you feel ready to enter the labor market, you already have a diploma. If we fail after two years of preparation, we find ourselves technically without a diploma.

He decided to continue to the Faculty of Engineering by joining the biomedical course at Eseo (High School of Electronics of the West) in Angers, having just finished his first year at the age of twenty. he’s back On file, without having to pass a competition.

Victor admits it.The step is a little high at first, you have to enter the bathroom“.But I still think that this kind of parallel admission would benefit from being better known because it could match many profiles.

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More personalized support

“Classic” isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind when looking at Eyal’s career. At 22 years old, The young man is currently training as a computer engineer at the CY Tech School in Sergey.

Except when you get outHe received his baccalaureate with honors, and turned to… first year of medicine. “I hesitated between medicine and information technology, and I went for the first option,” Eyal recalls.

Unfortunately, his results do not allow him to pass the competition stage and He left college after a year and a half. “I didn’t really know what to do next.” He finally decided to start from scratch as if he had dropped out of the bac and Initiate parallel admission by attempting to join the first year of integrated preparation of CY TechTo become a computer engineer.

The integrated setting allows you to distinguish yourself from other students

after, after First selection on file and interview, was accepted. And after three years, he was pleased with his choice. “I advise those who are not reassured by the preparations to offer a parallel admission. Some are not made for competitions and there you will find much more personal support.. ”

He, for example, did not know that this type of course was possible when he was in high school. A coding and programming lover, this possibility was an unexpected opportunity. “In addition to saving a day, doing an integrated setup allows you to distinguish yourself from other students. I think so It’s more professional than prepEyal concludes.

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