Unemployment insurance: “It is imperative that we go further,” says Dusupet

Unemployment insurance: “It is imperative that we go further,” says Dusupet

Minister of Labor Olivier Dusupt Judges’necessary to go further“Regarding unemployment insurance reform and outlining its areas of work, in an interview with Parisian Posted Tuesday, July 26th. While the executive branch has set itself the goal of achieving full employment by 2027, i.e. an unemployment rate of about 5% compared to the current 7.3%, Olivier Dussupt ensures that this goal is “possibleThanks to RSA reforms and unemployment insurance.

An urgent need: that the unemployment insurance reform, decided in 2019 and implemented in 2021 due to Covid, sees its rules extended. Expires November 1, 2022asks the minister. This will be governed by the text of the law submitted at the beginning of the school year, which will be first on Parliament’s list to return from summer recess from the beginning of October. The minister explained that the government intends to extend these controversial rules.To enable this reform to continue to have its positive effects and to think about the next stage“.”It is necessary to go further“Continue.”Our compensation rules must take into account the state of the labor market, as, for example, Canada. When things are going well we tighten the rules and when things are going bad we loosen them.”, he explains, and carried a commitment from Emmanuel Macron.

We will discuss this topic in the fall.»

We will take up this topic from the beginning of the school year with the social partners.‘ adds Olivier Dusupet. “Tracks can be unlocked depending on the duration and regressive nature of the compensation. These criteria will be discussed as part of the consultationConcerning the evaluation of the transition to “, confirms.good case“or”deteriorating situation“He sees it.”It must be objectiveIt will pass.Either by criteria, such as the number of consecutive semesters with improvement in recruitment, or by a committee that gives us an opinion“, Terms and Conditions”did not stop“.

When asked about Pôle emploi’s switch to France Travail, the Minister refutes the name change of cosmetics and asserts, without going into details, that this will lead to “Simplification and better coordination of actors (local authorities, private actors, etc.)“.as for the RSA which the president said he wanted to allocate on condition of performing 15 or 20 hours of”Active activity allows inputOlivier Dusupt points out thatThe new terms and conditions will be implemented as soon as possibleRegarding pensions, he finally pointed out that counseling “It will start after the National Council of Reestablishment meeting in September“preservation guarantee”Summer 2023 as a horizon for the entry into force of the first effects of the reform“.

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