Eric Fell is ready to make his debut in the Swiss First Division

Eric Fell is ready to make his debut in the Swiss First Division

Eric Vail celebrates his 33rd birthday on Wednesday. He also happens to be in his final preparations before traveling with his young family to Kloten on Saturday, where he will embark on an entirely new adventure in the first division of the Swiss championship in mid-September.

Nicknamed the National League (NL), the circuit is second in importance on European soil after the KHL.

Dubois, who has been playing in the second division (Swiss League, SL) for three years, and is still with EHC for Kloten, said he was very keen to get a taste of that level of play.

“I can’t wait to see how I do,” he said. Note that I already participated in the Spengler Cup (a tournament that brings together the best European teams and a squad made up of Canadian players playing on the Old Continent) and this allowed me to see that I was as fast as the players playing. in NL”.

“In any case, I’ve always adapted to the levels of play I’ve played in, whether in the MLS, the East Coast (ECHL) or the different leagues in Europe,” said Weil, who captained Kloten in the SL Championship in the spring.

Philly won the scoring championship (24-49 = 73) in the regular season, then added 21 points (5-16) in 15 playoffs.

“The goal for next season is to help my team maintain its place in the first division, he confirms. We want to be competitive every night and give good fights to the other teams in the ring.

“On a personal level, I don’t set myself any specific goals. However, I know I can put them in and make great passes,” he says with humor.

Phil, who trains every summer under Eric Arsenault, says he’s worked hard this summer. To make sure he arrives ready for boot camp, he’s been on the ice more often with Derek Cormier than he has in recent years.

Faille was also very pleased with Cormier, who last week became the new coach of Moncton University’s Aigles Bleus.

“I don’t know the other candidates, but Derek is definitely a good choice. Luc Michaud and his group are bringing the Eagles Pleos back among the good clubs. In my time (2010 to 2014), I had the opportunity to participate in the Canadian Championship and it was a great experience.”

In short… Erik Vail is one of six international players at EHC Kloten with Ontarian Jonathan Ang, Finns Juha Mitsula, Arto Rutsalainen, Jesper Peltonen and Miro Altonen… EHC Kloten training camp will kick off on August 2… Eric Weil says he really loves Kloten, It is a city he does not hesitate to call his second home. “It will be my fourth season here and I love it. The family too. The organization has taken good care of me so far, and I hope to play there as long as I can,” he says… EHC Kloten returns to the First Division after losing its place in 2018. From 1962 to 2018, Kloten even managed to win the NL Championship five times (1967, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996)…

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