How to sell your property without delay: 5 questions for Vanessa Benedek to understand everything

How to sell your property without delay: 5 questions for Vanessa Benedek to understand everything

1- Where did you come up with the idea?

The idea was imported from the United States. It’s a concept that’s been there for about ten years. We started from the observation that to sell a property, you either go through an agency or an individual. There is no solution whereby the buyer buys your property from you within 48 hours with cash payment and no withdrawal period. That’s why we created Nilla & Ben. The goal is to offer a new offering in the real estate market that will allow you to save time when you want to sell your property.

The real estate market is also very volatile. Prices are rising and buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to get a loan. Today there are more and more goods for sale, and in fact, there is a decrease in prices. We see that our clients are coming back to us because the buyers have fallen behind or they have not taken out their loan. That is why today we are opening a branch in Toulon, after Metz, Strasbourg and Nancy. We have strong family experience in real estate: I am a notary by training and my husband is the CEO of a group of independent and family-owned agencies in eastern France, specializing in all real estate.

2. Who is this solution for?

It is aimed at those who want to make their life easier, that is, not to bother with real estate procedures and visits, even by contacting an agent. There are also people who do not want or cannot obtain a bridge loan. And finally, those who need cash quickly, who are affected by a professional transfer, the obligation to pay for an inheritance, or who want to carry out other life projects, can also contact us.

3. If I want to sell my property, how is it done?

As a seller, all you have to do is go to the Nilla & Ben website to get an estimate of the value of your property. The algorithm is responsible for making an estimate based on the property’s surface area, location and specific properties. After that, all you have to do is make an appointment with Christelle, our real estate expert in the Toulon sector and its region, for a real visit. This meeting was organized to confirm the appreciation. Because the algorithm is not everything! We place great importance on people and take the time to listen to each person’s condition. If the property matches, we buy immediately without any suspension clause for a loan. So the buyer has a guarantee that the process will continue.

4. What is the contrast?

The cost of our service varies between 8-10% depending on the property and situation. In contrast, agency fees range on average from 5 to 6%. This amount also allows us to do some pre-sale refreshment work when necessary.

5. What are the benefits to the seller?

Ultimately, the seller will not need to take out a bridge loan to buy a new home. It will also have instant cash for other projects. There is no withdrawal period from the moment the seller entrusts his property, he no longer takes care of anything. Compared to a classic sale delay of about 6 or 7 months, between selling and signing with a notary, Nilla & Ben offers you a signature on the original bond within 45 days.

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