Jets' Mekhi Becton is set for a new challenge to tackle the right - MMA Fighting

Jets’ Mekhi Becton is set for a new challenge to tackle the right – MMA Fighting

Mekhi Becton has a new look and a new place.

Pickton entered a much thinner boot camp than he was at Junior Camp in June, and was officially transferred to the Right Intervention to start boot camp.

The Jets drafted Pickton into the 11th overall pick in 2020 with the idea that it would be the start of their left-handed intervention for years to come. But after missing most of the 2021 season and substitute George Fant playing well in his absence, Becton has now moved to the right side and Fant will remain on the left tackle.

“I don’t really care,” Pickton said. “I have to change my style. As long as I’m on the court, I don’t really care. I just know I have to do different things on the right side than on the left side. I’m still getting used to it. A work in progress on it.”

Becton was on the field on Wednesday for the first time since the first week of last year, when he picked up a season-ending knee injury against the Panthers. Becton’s weight swelled while he was sidelined, then skipped the voluntary offseason program after the birth of his first child. He appeared in the obligatory miniature who is overweight and has not trained.

But Pickton spent the break between the small camp and the start of the training camp in New Jersey working with the medical and coaching staff for the team. No one is saying how much weight Picton lost, but he did say he hit his target and the planes were elated with the way he was.

Macy Picton
Noah K. Murray

“He has become fit for football,” said football coach Robert Saleh. “He’s a talented athlete. He’s a talented guy and I’m really excited about where he’s heading.

The Jets have been talking about moving Becton into the right intervention since the end of last season. He thought there would be competition in the training camp between Becton and Fant, but Saleh said the team wanted continuity.

“We don’t want these guys to jump back and forth,” Salih said. “We made a decision that was the best for the team. George had a great year last year in left-handed intervention. Al-Makhi is a talented young man. He can do both. That doesn’t mean the days of Mekhi’s left-hand tackle are over.

Saleh underestimated the left side over the right side, but the left intervention has traditionally been considered the most important position, largely because you protect the blind side of the right midfielder. More left-handed interventions are often also paid.

“I don’t think there is much difference between a left tackle and a right tackle,” Saleh said. “Von Miller can go both ways. … Either [pass rushers] The impression of having a file [weak] A draw up front, I promise you that’s where they’re going. Whether you’re left or right, it doesn’t matter.

Salih said the coaches felt that gave them the best combination of what he called a “good offensive line”.

Macy Picton
Noah K. Murray

“George is very, very comfortable and feels more comfortable on the left side,” Saleh said. “He has the ability to play on the left side, just like Becton. It was just a question of what was the best combination in terms of attacking line. … We thought it was the best combination and the best place for everyone.

Becton will now play alongside Alijah Vera-Tucker, who has transitioned from left to right guard this off season. A year ago, it was believed that these two would be on the left side together for years. The Jets transferred Vera Tucker when they signed Laken Tomlinson as a free agent and decided to keep him on left guard.

“Personally, I am excited about this right side,” Saleh said. “You have some potential pros, in my opinion. They are two great young players.

Becton has struggled with injuries since entering the NFL. He only played eight full matches in two years. It focuses on staying healthy.

“I’m just trying to be on the field for an entire season,” Pickton said. “It’s really my mentality. Whether it’s right or left, I don’t care as long as I’m on the court.

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