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Luko is accelerating reimbursement for its animal health insurance customers


Rafal Vollierme, CEO and Co-Founder of Luko: Collaboration with Kili Technology has allowed us to simplify and automate the processing of veterinary bills.

As part of its companion animal health insurance, resulting from the Coya acquisition, uninsured Luko relies on data management platform Kili Technology to expedite reimbursement for veterinary expenses.

AdvertisingWith the acquisition of German insurer Coya at the beginning of 2022, new French insurer Luko has integrated into its portfolio a pet health insurance offering, currently only in Germany. For customers of this offer, the company has decided to launch a service for quick reimbursement of veterinary expenses, based on the platform of Kili Technology, another French startup that automates invoice processing using artificial intelligence. Thus, Luko continues its differentiation strategy that it started in home insurance, which relies heavily on the use of data and artificial intelligence.

In order to improve the customer experience for policyholders, Luko implemented the Kili Technology tool to speed up the processing of veterinary bills, which represent several thousand documents received each month. Once invoices are scanned, the solution automatically scans the documents to extract useful data in the form of annotations. These annotations then feed an automated AI-based processing algorithm, capable of initiating repayment if conditions are met. The quality of the extracted data makes it possible to improve the suitability of the algorithm over time.

70% of refunds are made automatically

Thanks to this project, the percentage of automatic reimbursements increased from 40% to 70% within a few months, which made it possible to reduce the repayment period by a maximum of two to seven days for policyholders, instead of three weeks. Previous Month. The two companies continue their efforts to increase the share of payment automation to 85% by June 2022. Collaboration with Kili Technology has allowed us to simplify and automate the processing of veterinary bills, in order to significantly reduce payment times and significantly improve customer satisfaction. Our NPS (customer satisfaction rate) has grown to 50-60%, and we appreciate Rafal Vullierme, CEO and Co-Founder of Luko.

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