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Pensions: MEPs return to pension increases by 500 million

And the deputies returned last Tuesday night on the additional reassessment of 500 million euros for pensions approved a few hours earlier, during a second stormy session requested by the government.

The amendment, voted by 224 votes to 121 at the end of examination of the draft amended budget for 2022, annulled a previous amendment that had been adopted against the will of the government, which led to intense exchanges between Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire and MPs Nupes and RN, LR-elect may support it.

The time has come to accept the votes of this Assembly, the rebel Caroline Fiat won, while the socialist Jeremy Quigge described the government as a painful loser.

On the part of the RN, it was the support announced by MP L.R. Vronique Louvagie for the new government version that provoked the most ferocious reaction: it was the death of the Republicans as an opposition party, which was kept away from Sbastien Chenu.


Previously, Mr. Le Maire justified this request for a second deliberation, because the re-evaluation was funded by taking sums from the state’s civil and military pensions.

He emphasized that it did not seem to me fair in its funding and unnecessary given the 2023 reassessment.

The National Assembly initially voted unanimously by less than two votes to increase social benefits and pensions by 4%.

We were particularly concerned, in addition to pensions, family benefits and social minimums, such as the RSA, the Adult Disability Allowance (AAH) and student awards based on social criteria.

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This reassessment was effective from July 1, 2022, retroactively, without waiting for the annual automatic reassessment date.

In detail, they are particularly concerned about this measure for pension and disability base plans, which were already automatically upgraded by 1.1% in January.

Also affected by this measure are family allowances and social minimums i.e. Active Solidarity Income (RSA), Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH), Solidarity Allowance for Seniors (Aspa) and scholarships based on students’ social norms. Some of those social benefits have already increased by 1.8% in April.

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