Thomas Finau recreates the crazy elegance of Mastroianni

Thomas Finau recreates the crazy elegance of Mastroianni

Poet and novelist Thomas Fino surprises us with every book. In “Marcello & Co,” the Toulouse author pays a very surprising tribute to the inquisitive Mastroianni.

Thomas Viano was born in Toulouse, and now lives in a quiet corner of Le Brun. It is also clear that he knows Montpellier, a city which, without mentioning its name, appears to be the main setting of his new literary fiction “Marcello & Co”. A dreamy student meets a shaggy old man who looks like Marcello Mastroianni. He follows him, and discovers a wild garden in the heart of the city, protected by high walls. He will go from discovery to surprise in this wonderful garden that owes so much to “Alice” Lewis Carroll…

“Beautiful band”

Thomas Finau wrote: “We were a bunch of kinda crazy friends, progressing to do only what we wanted and nothing in particular. All talented, all crooked, all rambling. Each had talents, which he exploited poorly, painting, music, and philosophy , studies, works. Everyone loved to push the boundaries and live up to what was going on. Everyone had a broken heart or a piece of broken childhood. A beautiful ensemble.” This is Vinau’s tone, tender and ironic at the same time. Who knows how to describe the most complex everyday life (the life of the modest building where the narrator lives, for example) as the craziest of escapes. Marcelo & Company. It is also, of course, a nice homage to the Italian actor. “Mastroianni was a ruthless king. He seemed lonely, even surrounded by women, he retained this separation even in his tone, that way he is not from here, this form of elegance for someone who knows that at the same moment all is gained and all is lost. Anxiety never left the depths of his eyes. At the same time he seemed proud, with a resilient and gentle arrogance, ready for challenge, and ready to dance.”

Such passages refer to the Vinau style. Just like the lists that the funny Marcelo was supposed to have written. If you want to know the names of potato varieties, harmful butterflies, glorious curses, ways of sleeping animals, complex words for saying simple things, follow Marcello, jump on the high wall in his wake, and let yourself be swept up in the illusions of imagination. .

“Marcello & Co.” , by Thomas Vinau (Gallimard, Sygne Collection, 240 pages, €19).

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