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What do you need to know to get funeral insurance?

The French have made an increasing choice in recent years to obtain funeral insurance. In the market, insurance companies offer various formats of funeral coverage for residents. If you keep hesitating to opt for this type of insurance, we invite you to discover in this post the reasons why you should get funeral insurance.

Funeral Insurance: What is it?

As its name suggests, funeral insurance is a guarantee that provides an individual with the possibility of providing the necessary funds to finance his funeral. in his life. Therefore, friends and relatives are spared the restrictions related to the organization of this unfortunate event. In fact, upon the death of the person who obtained this insurance, an amount is paid for his contributions to his relatives, specifically the beneficiary who has designated him, in order to cover various expenses related to his funeral.

Various funeral insurance plans

To obtain funeral insurance, you should familiarize yourself with the various options available, and go directly to Lassurance-obseques.fr. These include in particular a funeral agreement in capital and a funeral guarantee in personal services.

Capital Funeral Guarantee

By choosing a capital funeral agreement, the insurance company will pay your subscription to your loved ones upon your death. This amount should be used for Pay funeral expenses. This will save your loved ones expenses related to the event. However, your family will have to take care of organizing your funeral, by recruiting and paying the necessary providers, from the capital that you will build during your lifetime.

Agreement in Personal Services

A personal benefit agreement is a more complete form of a capital funeral guarantee. In fact, This option will allow you not only to finance your funeral, but also to anticipate its organization to the smallest detail. So your loved ones won’t have to worry about the costs related to your funeral, not even about the decisions that need to be made to organize the event. Your insurance company will take care of strict compliance with the road map that you will develop during your lifetime.

Why should you buy funeral insurance

You should choose to purchase funeral insurance for several reasons.

Save money for your loved ones

an average of 3,500 euros, Organizing a funeral has a big cost It is better to take care of yourself while you are alive. In fact, since you cannot predict the financial situation of your loved ones upon your death, it is best to avoid any financial stress on them. In addition, you should be aware that prices related to organizing funerals have been on the rise for several decades. By signing a funeral insurance contract that takes this development into account, you will have Making sure your body won’t be a burden to your family.

Maintain harmony within your family

Funeral insurance, in particular, the personal benefits formula, will spare your family any stress related to organizing your burial. In fact, beliefs are not the same, your loved ones may be divided over what choices to make for your funeral. Whether it is a cremation, a burial, a religious or civil ceremony, during your lifetime you will have already decided all the sensitive questions about organizing your farewell, by signing up for an agreement on personal services. And so, you can rest in peace, with the affirmation of it Your body will not be the source of weakening the harmonious relationships within your family.

Securing a worthy funeral in the name of retirees

A funeral agreement is especially important for retirees. In fact, the obligatory regime of active persons covers them in various situations, including in the event of death. Unfortunately, this protection stops once it stops working. Thus, choosing a funeral guarantee will allow you to live with it Confirmation that you will have a proper funeral when you die.

How do you choose your funeral insurance policy?

Before concluding a funeral contract, you must take into account a certain number of criteria. These include in particular:

  • Consider your needs : Depending on whether you want a burial, a cremation, etc., you should choose a subscription that can cover the expenses related to your farewell in full. To do this, please familiarize yourself with the total amount of your funeral option;
  • Choose the payment method that suits your profile Seniors are advised to pay their subscription in one go. On the other hand, the youngest ones can choose the monthly or quarterly payment.

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