Babondo, the vegan alternative that replaces eggs in your recipes - the day before food innovations

Babondo, the vegan alternative that replaces eggs in your recipes – the day before food innovations

This ambitious project was born in 2017 when Sherine Tavesuk and Philippines Sollier, the young founding partners of Le Papondu, were students in bio-industry at the College of Engineering.

While Shireen was more interested in cosmetology and the Filipino in the pharmaceutical industry, it was ultimately a student project that brought them together on the path of agro-food innovation.

Indeed, during the first year of a master’s degree, the Faculty of Engineering requires its students to work on an innovation that meets the needs of the market. This is how the two students, linked with 12 other comrades in promotion, began to think in different ways.

Then the crazy challenge begins: make the first egg without a chicken!

Papondu is intended to be compatible with plant-based diets, and to be consumed by people allergic to eggs.

Then it consists entirely of plant materials (proteins and vegetable fibers) and minerals (water and salt). So you will not find any components of animal origin in the composition! Additionally, in order to reduce the allergen as much as possible, the ingredient list for this egg substitute is meant to be simple. Finally, the founders guarantee a GMO-free formula, with ingredients selected for their health and environmental impact.

Bapondo comes raw in a form similar to chicken eggs. There is actually a white liquid in which there is a spherical yolk that is distinguished from white thanks to a molecular cooking technique called spherification. Like the classic egg, it can be prepared in the form of an omelet or incorporated into various culinary preparations. So this vegetable egg is ready to use, and can be used as a simple egg substitute in all dishes!

Papondu is meant to be the vegan equivalent of chicken eggs, including from a nutritional point of view! This is why the engineering duo monitors the nutritional values ​​of their prototypes, ensuring, for example, a protein intake close to that of traditional eggs. But Shireen and the Philippines don’t forget the gourmet side of this food either! Therefore, they do not hesitate to go to the kitchen to try many recipes, and therefore refuse baboons in all its forms, to ensure a certain gastronomic pleasure.

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