He's been waiting for his EI benefits for 8 months

He’s been waiting for his EI benefits for 8 months

Communications with Service Canada can be complex. Many complain about long delays in processing their files. This is the case of Eric Bedard, who has been trying for months to get his employment insurance benefits.

For eight months now, tugboat Eric Bedard has been waiting for an analysis of his application for employment insurance benefits. His case advanced for a few weeks, thanks to the help of the organization LASTUSE, a workplace and service organization that advocates for the rights of the unemployed and low-income people. He recently learned that he will be covered by his work insurance for the period from January 23 to February 26 while he is on sick leave due to a lower back sprain. For the March period, when he was engaged in light business, Service Canada understands that he is already entitled to benefits, however, his file is still being analyzed.

On January 13, 2022, Eric Bedard applied for employment insurance after it was rejected by the National Social Sciences Council. On July 15, six months later, nothing happened. So called LASTUSE services

“I sent an email with the power of attorney. A few days later, I was called. I have detailed Mr. Bedard’s position with them,” said Sylvain Bergeron, LASTUSE Coordinator, who lent a helping hand to Mr. Bedard.

Since then, his file has come forward, but it has not yet been settled.

“They took the point of view of illness, it’s not a problem. But I didn’t have any money, I didn’t have anything yet. It’s my money, I paid it with my salary every week,” said Eric Bedard.

“One of the issues that was in dispute was that they didn’t realize in the medical papers that there was light work. They didn’t understand that in the CNSSST documents, it’s called a temporary appointment,” Mr. Bergeron said.

Before learning about the listed benefits, it is necessary to conduct further analyzes.

“When I shared the file with the Regional Requests Unit, I was told that someone had been hired, and that person was only left to contact Mr. Bedard to settle the statements of the weeks he was doing light work. 18:33 They had to see at the level of the weekly announcements whether they were “Fit” the hours and all that, to see if we should pay him interest during this period as well,” Mr. Bergeron explained.

“The agent never called me. I called back the unemployment office and the person I spoke to told me they were working on my file and he was pushing to get it resolved as quickly as possible. He told me ‘Look at Mr. Bedard, I’m paying work, I won’t let you down,'” he explained.

Since then, nothing yet. “It is not normal for it to take so long. We feel abandoned as a laborer, there is no service,” said the professional magician.

“The big problem is that they hired a lot of people, but in the call center. But there, the majority of people don’t have the full training. When you call a call center like Mr. Bedard and tell him, ‘Okay, we’ll put you in an emergency,’ it just means that they put a note in The file, but if no proxy is assigned to the file, the LASTUSE coordinator said: “No one will read the emergency memo

Eric Bedard isn’t the only one lost in this system. The organization accompanies between four and five people a week with similar situations.

“The advantage we have with groups like us and lawyers and MPs is that we have direct access to someone who can intervene in the file and who will assign someone to that file. I see that is not the case, so I will speak again with Mr. Bedard,” said Mr. Bergeron.

He will therefore have to contact Service Canada’s Provincial Demands unit again to try to move Mr Bedard’s case forward until it can be resolved.

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