The best real estate search engine: which one to choose?

The best real estate search engine: which one to choose?

Written by Marion Regno,


Published on 07/28/2022

The best real estate search engine: which one to choose?

a Property ad aggregator It allows you to save valuable time by concentrating your real estate display on a single interface. However, for the magic to work, you still have to be able to move towards the right thing right away! In this desire to improve your search, which can be time consuming as it is tiring, we have tested and compared the major search engines for real estate. Discover Best site for real estate ads It has never been so simple!

Not all real estate aggregators are the same

if all Real estate search engine It has the task of facilitating the prospecting of property offerings, yet everyone knows how to arm themselves with individual qualities capable of distinguishing them from one another. The offer of offers and services may vary depending on its intended purpose. First of all, do not forget to consider these important points:

  • Geographical area : Some apps are only for big cities, or even just the capital city;
  • The type of property offered : The choice can sometimes be limited to a house and/or apartment, but you can search for offices or buildingsā€¦;
  • Whether the service is for a fee or not : This may be important to you;
  • Algorithm performance and moderation : This will be the extent and relevance of the ads shown and the sorting of ads in order to avoid outdated, fraudulent or multiple times offers;
  • Tool quality : Suggestions for additional tools and features on the interface that allow you to push your property search process even further.

Now you are wondering how to check all this? That’s good, we did it for you!

Real Estate Search Engine: Best Performer

1 – Motor’Immo


Undoubtedly , Motor’Immo At the top of the list of the most competitive real estate ad aggregators.

In addition to the multiplicity of offers offered, covering the whole of France, it is the quality of their services that distinguishes them from the masses. The ads are updated in real time and enriched with many details and information. The platform comes with simulation tools aimed at estimating the costs of the loan and the acquisition of real estate: Mortgage Loan SimulatorAnd the Notary feesproperty tax cost, rental profitability, etc.

The paid offer may be put off, but many people have found that it was only a small price to pay to find their dream accommodation in record time!

2 – Jinka


We give second place to GENKA. If her research publication does not yet include all of France, it should not be too long.

However, for those looking for property in Ile-de-France or large cities, Genca has a very wide range of carefully curated offers, as well as a wide range of criteria.

In addition, the app is free and, like Moteur’Immo, offers a system for simulating mortgage loan costs and associated costs.

3 – visit


And in the last step of the platform, we put it visit. The app is free and has the same advantages as its competitors.

Searching all over France is extensive and the app is easy to use.

The app saves valuable time, although the main criticism is that there are no additional features to make the service more attractive.

Specific real estate complexes

Depending on your profile or search, you may be interested in these real estate search engines with a more targeted offer. Great way to hit the target!

Real estate search engine: only to buy

I want to buy? Eliminate unnecessary searches and avoid the risk of encountering irrelevant ads by using an aggregator that lists real estate offers directly. Among the most effective, you find kasagoju And the Fulhom.

Real estate search engine: buy or rent in Ile-de-France

All collectors, even if their field of expertise does not cover the whole of France, offer research in Paris and Ile-de-France. Some limit their field of work to the capital and its surrounding areas, in order to provide a broader service. It is for Surfy, whose moderation and sources of information cannot be dispensed with. It’s hard to find an old or duplicate offer. The app sometimes even feeds exclusive ads!

Real estate search engine: Find and improve your rental investment

Notice for real estate investors who are looking for a property that is as interesting as it is profitable, you can take advantage of our services libox. The platform, which is available on a browser or extension, aggregates the rental offers in the market and is equipped with powerful tools to determine the best rental return. With this service, fully improve your research and earnings!

Real Estate Search Engine: Find Professional Places

If you are a professional looking for commercial places to start your business, or if you are looking for offices, real estate search engines can direct you to the property you need. Among these representatives, you find Motor’ImmoAnd the visitAnd the Mitula real estateAnd the truvetteAnd the kasagoju And the Surfy.

Real Estate Search Engine: Bad Students

In this real estate-gathering scene, players also stand out, but they hardly stand out by the interest in their display. Among these bad students, we can be cited French real estateAnd the truvette And the Mitula real estate. In addition to the first, which has a number of glitches such that using the service is more than tedious, if not impossible, other real estate complexes have many weaknesses: ads that impede the visibility of the interface, poor application standards, poor site management. Moderation seems almost absent, which makes real estate search ineffective. In short, avoid!

Have you tried them too? Feel free to share your experience and opinions with us in order to allow us to enrich our site Real estate search engine comparison !

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