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The perception that the work done is good value for money is the single most important factor affecting customer loyalty in auto stores

Select a national survey commissioned by Castrol The most important factors affecting customer loyalty in car workshops in France.

The most cited factor (44% of motorists) is Imagine that the work done is good value for money.

And the investigation clearly shows that Motorists are not just looking to save money.

Only 18% of motorists said they remain loyal to the workshop because it is the cheapest on the market.

The second most important factor that influences loyalty is communication. 37% of motorists say they will be more likely to continue using a workshop “clearly explain the work to be done and ask for approval before doing so”.

Related factors Workshop staff skills They stand out noticeably and are almost as important as the value and communication.

28% of motorists would stay loyal to the workshop if they thought so The staff was “well trained”And nearly a third (28%) would continue to use the same store if they felt like employees they were “welcome”.

L ‘your location It is also a major factor affecting the workshops that motorists visit.

The vast majority (63%) are ready for it Travel up to 16 kilometers just to connect to a workshop that meet the criteria you consider most important.

24% would travel up to 24 km and only 9% would consider traveling up to 32 km.

The survey also highlighted the least important factors in driver loyalty.

A quarter of respondents (25%) are likely to continue using the same store because they always offer a borrowed car.

“Perhaps the most important aspect of this study is the need for effective communication with clients”explains Leila Yabaili, Director of Service and Maintenance Marketing at Castrol Europe. “It is clear that motorists will continue to rely on a store that explains the work to be done and the value of that work. We also know that communication is the key to unlocking additional profit opportunities: customers pay workshops for quality products with demonstrated advantages.”

source : A national survey commissioned by Castrol

methodology : OnePoll survey, conducted on 1,000 car owners in France

Photo via binfarisauto from Pixabay

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