A black day on the roads, the return of the French League ... 5 news you will hear about

A black day on the roads, the return of the French League … 5 news you will hear about

6:30 PM, July 29, 2022

1- A black day on the roads

Saturday will be the busiest day of the year on France’s roads. It is the traditional cross between the return of the “July Followers” and the departure of the “Augustus”. So today it is classified as “black” by Bison smart. The difficulties begin this evening, especially in Ile-de-France, where even the night will be complicated. On Saturday, in the direction of departures, the traffic will be “Very difficult” On the vast majority of the main routes (from Paris to Poitiers, from Bordeaux to Spain, from Bordeaux to Toulouse, from Lyon to Marseille, and from Cannes to Nice). In the direction of the return, traffic will be very difficult, especially in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region and on the arc of the Mediterranean.

Sunday, rebellious, but less powerful: the day is classified “orange” in the direction of the departed, with difficulties along the axis of the Rhone. In the return direction, traffic should become more fluid, but a slowdown is expected in the southeast quadrant.

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2 – British railway workers strike again

British railway workers will strike on Saturday. A month after their three-day strike at the end of June, the largest in thirty years, and three days after a twenty-four hour strike on Wednesday, The RMT rail union is calling for new work stops to achieve better wages and working conditions, as well as job security.

The topic is hot in the UK as Boris Johnson’s successor has yet to be found. Inflation is on the rise and may exceed 11% by the end of the year. On Wednesday, 40,000 railway workers went on strike, and only a fifth of the workers were working. Other strike days are scheduled during the summer, particularly on August 18-20.

3 – In the United States 1 billion lotto

Billion dollar. This is the amazing jackpot offered by the Mega Millions US lottery Friday to Saturday night. Making it the fourth biggest win ever, his organizer announced on Wednesday. The jackpot has been growing for more than three months, No one guessed the six correct numbers in the previous 29 nines.

Chances of winning this tempting amount are very slim: 1 out of about 303 million. For comparison, the probability of being struck by lightning is 1 in 1 million, according to data from US health authorities. The billion dollars offered on Friday is equivalent to what the lucky winner would receive if the payment was accepted to be distributed over thirty years. If he wants to receive his prize in one go, he will only get 603 million – Part of it will then be deducted by taxes – at the discretion of Mega Millions.

4 – The debris of the Chinese missile will fall to the ground in an uncontrollable way

According to CNN information, the 20-ton main stage of the Chinese Long March-5B (LM-5B) rocket entered an uncontrolled landing in the Earth’s atmosphere, and will crash between Saturday evening and Sunday in a huge area. Between latitude 41 north (the latitude of Madrid or Naples in Europe) and latitude 41 south, which passes through southern Africa. So there is no danger to the French capital. The unit will not reach the Earth in one piece, and its descent into the atmosphere will lead to its disintegration. But pieces large enough can cause damage if they fall into populated areas.

This is the third time that China has been accused of not properly handling space debris from its missiles.

5 – Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux begin in Purgatory

Ligue 2 will return to Gaston-Gérard. At 3pm, the Stade Dijon will see the first degrees of Saint-Etienne, who landed in May in a very hostile atmosphere. (Laurent Battles) has taken over a new coach known to the masses, the workforce is exhausted But the hated co-owners, Bernard Caiazo and Roland Romiere, are still there.

We will also be watching Bordeaux-Valenciennes (7pm). Relieved to return to Ligue 2 after a summer in fear of the worst, Girondin’s coach, Gérard Lopez, filled the stadium by inviting all the fans. But mathematically, nothing is ready. The third elite failure, Metz, started against Amiens.

It makes us happy: wild tigers are more numerous than we thought

Wild tigers are still an endangered species, but there are more of them than previously thought. About 40% more. This is one of the few positive lessons from the update of the IUCN Red List, which was revealed last week. Good news today is World Tiger Day, an initiative to improve the conservation of the species. Latest estimate of world population tiger tigris (The scientific name for tiger, which is therefore a tiger) lives in the wild dating back to 2015 and The new census made it possible to estimate the number of these subspecies between 3,726 and 5,578. The 40% jump is due to improvements in tracking technologies.

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