Un étudiant français soupçonné d’être un hacker poursuivi par le FBI !

A French student suspected of being a hacker is being tried by the FBI!

According to our colleagues from OBS, a French student is wanted by the FBI after being suspected of being a hacker.

There is no age to be a hacker. guide with This young student from Epinal who will be a target for the FBI. Anyway, that’s what our fellow Obs left to understand. But why would he be tried?

scam story

Before we tell you more about this little boy the FBI wanted, let’s go back to another dark story. Since few, We talked about SHG Lyon School. She is accused of defrauding a student according to our colleagues from France Info.

The student named Anais chose to file a complaint against the school last March. Or rather, against the director of this private enterprise. Why would you tell us? First of all, you should know that being a student in this school can be costly.

Given that it will cost 22,100 euros For two years in this school. With very attractive promises from SHG Lyon, many students are attracted to this institution. Except maybe a hundred students.

Because according to our colleagues from France Info, the hundred involved would not have had a diploma. For any reason ? Because SHG Leon will be in compulsory liquidation. And that’s since January 2022. The Nantes Police Station and the Public Prosecutor’s Office then took over the case.

Complicated matter for students who are among the unlucky who have not graduated. And even more so in case They took out a student loan And they were counting on this famous paper to start paying it off.

Speaking of loans, know that we have dedicated an article to this topic, which we invite you to read in case you are planning to get one. Especially since there are solutions to get it, Even if you are a minor.

A French student suspected of being a hacker is being tried by the FBI!

A student wanted by the FBI

Let’s finally get to this famous student that the FBI will be asking for. As we inform you, these are our fellow Obs, Gone by MidiLibreWhich revealed a funny information. “The Ripper” will be called Sebastian Raoult.

Nothing to do with the known world since Covid-19. This student is suspected of belonging to a group of highly active hackers. But what is the goal of this group? Consolidation of confidential data from US companies. For resale on the Darknet.

The young man had studied at the Epitech School in Nancy in Meurthe-et-Moselle. on June 1 He was imprisoned in Morocco near Rabat. But he is clearly not the only one involved in this case.

In fact, four other people were tested in France as noted by our colleagues. It remains to be seen if these are publishers, Like Sebastian Raoult. He was arrested in Morocco, provided by Interpol, when he was about to board the plane for Brussels.

Like what, being a student doesn’t stop you from defying some taboo. However, data hacking can have serious consequences. And the The young man can stay in prison for a while. Unless he leaks the information to law enforcement authorities.

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