Here it all begins: who will be the next victim of the crow?

Here it all begins: who will be the next victim of the crow?

Threats escalated at the Beaumont Hotel in “This Is Where It All Begins”. After the disappearance of Noémie, Greg and Robin’s aggression, another character appears to be next on Raven’s list. But how far is he willing to go?

Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the upcoming episodes from here it all starts! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

While they thought they were out of the woods after the suicide of Alban (Frank Lippert) was confirmed here it all begins, the students once again face multiple threats. After the disappearance of Noémie (Lucia Passaniti) and the aggression of Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt), the Hotel Beaumont will be rocked by another strange event.

In fact, after discovering that Robin (Thomas Fernant) knows Alban well, Greg, Salome (Aurelie Pons), Anais (Julie Sassost), Enzo (Aziz Diabat Abdoulaye), and Elliot (Nicolas Anselmo) are convinced that it was Demir II of President (Soufiane Belmoden) who had tortured them. Since the beginning. However, their hypotheses are soon wiped out by a true crow.

Robin knows it, he is first on the list of suspects. As he investigates on his part, the latter will finally find the identity of the person who is blackmailing them. Unfortunately, he will be fired before he can reveal this information to others. And that’s not all, because Greg will be attacked by a blackmailer.

If these recent events prove that Robin is not the raven, the one who enjoys torturing the students knows very well that they are in his way. Moreover, this person now seems ready to do anything to hurt the group of friends, even in the worst case.

The crow threatens to kill Elliot

In a new excerpt Available exclusively on MYTF1Greg is still annoyed by his latest attack. The situation seems to have taken an unfavorable turn for Delubel’s son, as no one believes in the strange attack he had with Robin. While enjoying a decompressing moment with Elliot by the pool, he receives a chilling message from an unknown number:Don’t say anything to your friend, but if I were him, I wouldn’t drink that drink.

Capture TF1

Elliott and Greg poolside at the Beaumont Hotel.

Without waiting, Greg swings by his friend’s cocktail. For his part, Elliot is completely shocked and does not understand his behavior. After that, the student receives a second, very clear message: “Tomorrow, make sure your dad fails the test. Otherwise, I will kill Elliot.Will he decide to prioritize his father’s reputation over the safety of the man he loves?

according to news newsSon Delobel won’t think long because he’ll end up talking about the dilemma he’s having with his friend. In the end, Greg will have no choice but to sabotage the plight of his father (Joseph Mallerba).

From the start, the mysterious Raven seems to have a strange distaste for Greg, but recent threats suggest that the real stake may be the National Baking Championship. Is the perpetrator hiding in one of the battalions?

In any case, the result of this intriguing camera is fast approaching. Is the crow part of a rival brigade? What did he do to Noemi? How far is he willing to go? The answer is in the next episodes ofHere it all begins.

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