Second Division 2. Mathieu O'Doul, captain of Metz: "We found a mental freshness that was definitely lacking last season"

Second Division 2. Mathieu O’Doul, captain of Metz: “We found a mental freshness that was definitely lacking last season”

Happy and impatient to resume the tournament?

“Yes, very patient to get back into the competition after preparation. I have a feeling there have been a lot of positive things during this period. We were able to take our marks in terms of the new staffing requirements. On the field it went well. The match against Sochaux (1-0)The team that was the playoff game last season, allowed us to measure ourselves. It is a disease, it gives us confidence. But now we get to the heart of the matter with this tournament that we can’t wait to attack. In this meeting against Amiens we will have to show that we are ready. And be better in terms of efficiency. That’s what we lost in the last warm-up match. »

A meeting against Sochaux during which you managed your weak times…

“We had slower phases of play, that’s true. But after our start, very aggressively, we left the ball a little more to our opponent and recovered as well. However, we managed to manage. Where we were in difficulty, on the other hand, it was a rather silly ball loss. Beyond the procedures we didn’t know how to finish. This is one of the points that needs to be corrected. But overall, we still feel like we’ve mastered the game.”

In attitudes and speeches, too, the shock of retraction does not seem to be present. Is this how you feel too?

“However, the group has evolved, and there have been a lot of departures. Today, the group is very small and some may have lived differently last season. Anyway, everyone is focused on this new season with this ambition to play this rise, it is a positive thing. And indeed, we feel It’s in situations. It’s a positive. Maybe it was a little strange when we saw the schedule: it’s not the same matches in Ligue 2. But then, in the game and in the requirements, we found a freshness of mind that was definitely missed last season. Now it’s past. behind us…”

This new season also corresponds to the return of a four-man defense. How do you feel about it?

“I find my place on the left, that’s where I trained and that’s where I have the most spontaneity. (a smile). But of course, we have to adapt. I have little or no play with Vale (Candy, replaced in axle by Laszlo Boloni) Last season. And we were more in reverse roles. In this four-player defense, we take our scores, and get along well. It’s also good to have two left hands: one in the middle and one on the left. So far the automation is good. Anyway, personally, finding a four-man defense, I like. I like to play on the front wing. During the friendlies it went well, we hope it continues that way. »

A word about your role as captain?

“Obviously I am proud of it. Having known the previous leaders, I always had the impression that this was what was waiting for me at some point. And what should have happened (Laugh). Then, I always had that leadership side and a duty to lead by example. So the armband is an extra thing to wear. On the ground, it doesn’t change much. I may have more responsibilities, but I already had some before. We have a young group, I have to set an example. I will be the representative of the group, in quotes. But without putting more pressure on me. »

What do you think of Bordeaux’s reintegration into Ligue 2?

“From a sporting point of view, that’s fine. It’s always better to meet Bordeaux in this tournament. After that, I don’t have a particular opinion regarding the financial concerns and the decisions taken as a result. I want to say the best of French football, but it’s a pity to come up with this. “

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