Student and entrepreneur self: how is regulation?

In a wide category of the studentswe find those who have a more oriented personality ” Employment”to me Initiative. It must be said that starting your business in parallel with your training is possible!

According to the Fourth Entrepreneurship Scale, one in two young people between the ages of 18 and 24 wants build your box. To encourage this practice that Student Status – Entrepreneur In 2014, as part of the Student Plan for Innovation, Transition and Entrepreneurship (PEPITE). Its ambition is to enable students, or young graduates, to gain entrepreneurial experience during their studies or up to three years after obtaining their diploma. It allows, among other things, to obtain specific support and arrangements to be able to work in their company and to continue their studies. Since the establishment of the platform, the number of student entrepreneurs has increased by more than 1,000 people every year. In the 2019-2020 school year, the system enabled more than 6000 people to experience the entrepreneurial adventure, 30% of whom were young women.

Are you part of this team? here we have 3 tips To better organize your daily life and thus manage your futuristic unicorn and your studies simultaneously.

Tip 1: Impeccable time management

It is very important to differentiate between time for his works and studies. You need to know how to juggle the two activities while you separate them. As a student, you may be tempted to focus only on your project, “baby girl”. But it is a dangerous slope! danger They are putting his studies at risk An unproven and failed project.

According to INSEE statistics, 25% of companies fail in the first two years and 49.5% fail in the first five years. So it is very important to keep Good work/study balance.

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Running two activities at the same time can be a major source of stress, which is why it is essential that you make time for yourself: rest, go out with friends, and exercise. The goal is to ventilate the brain and allow it to rest so that it is ready for the two challenges you face.

But how do you avoid wasting so much time? The answer in one word: the organization. Set aside time for rest, and use scheduling tools like Trello or a paper/electronic calendar. You can make a to-do list and a to-do list in order priority. A well-organized to-do list and a square agenda will be the keys to your success.

It is also necessary to estimate your working time on a new task, to be realistic in project planning. Above all, you should not let your activity as a small business extend to the success of your studies. In the end, the choice is yours: In the United States, the number and names of famous dropouts make you want to stop studying. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga…

Tip 2: Look at the available aid

As a student entrepreneur, time is precious. You probably won’t have time to shop around and introduce your product to everyone. This is why there are alternative solutions to help you on your journey.

Availability of the state and other organizations Scholarships To support student entrepreneurship:

  • Personal Housing Assistance (APL);
  • CROUS Student Scholarship;
  • ACRE, allowing you to benefit from a partial exemption from Social Security contributions;
  • activity bonus (see;
  • Cap’jeunes Support Program (€2,000 bonus);
  • Business setup loan (PCE);
  • Petit Poucet: A competition for students who want to start a business. The 30 winners benefit from personalized diagnosis by business creation professionals. A financial gift is offered to the ten finalists, to help them start their project.
  • Youth Challenge Program: Supports business creation projects. Content creators can receive a grant of 6000 euros.

Even if some of these means do not allow you to move forward with your project, at least they allow you not to worry about money or knowing what to eat for lunch. The goal isInvest smart This aid in your project. For example by delegating some technical or time-consuming parts so that you can move forward with the marketing elements of the project. We also recommend our Tool Kit, the best tools to get your trunk off the ground fast!

Tip 3: Reduce the risk of failure with simple actions

You are a student, you may not have any dependents. As a young entrepreneur, you will be asked to risk, taking care to reduce it as much as possible. For this there are many solutions that adapt to your situation.

First of all, case small business. It is an ideal solution to set up your project without the hassle of unnecessary paperwork. It’s not real “association” Such as SA, SASU, or SAS. You don’t need any startup capital. The online creation process is simple and ideal for parallel studies. The government website provides you with clear information on the status of small businesses. So it’s an excellent way to test your idea before launching it from the ground up.

However, you should know one thing: in a small business, you are taxed on sales, not on profit. Always keep track of your income to be in good standing with your tax obligations…so if your business involves expenses, keep a portion of it for the state.

Other tips to reduce risks: Study your market, looking at who the major players are, what they are doing… You also have to monitor the state of the industry, is it growing, are there new players coming in, what is the barrier to entry, is the geopolitical context appropriate. Moreover, it is necessary toMonitor consumer behaviortheir problems, solutions they tested, and so on. From the results of this research, you should develop a marketing strategy to sell your product.

In short, you must above all be well organized and have a good dose of determination and motivation to be a student entrepreneur. Becoming a small entrepreneur is an excellent initiative when you feel prepared and the benefits are numerous: self-confidence, rewarding experiences and new professional skills, expanding your resume, gaining credibility, earning money, professional independence, and managing yourself. schedule…

Be careful, don’t put the cart before the horse, and remember to find it WhyDear Ali Simon Sinek. You have to find the reason for the pledge: determination and perseverance will be the key to your success. If you have one (or more), you will be able to weather the storms of entrepreneurship while continuing your studies.

If the possibility of combining studies and entrepreneurship appeals to you, be tempted by the courses organized by our partner, E2SE Business School.

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