Étudiant: une école de management hôtelier soupçonnée d'escroquerie !

Student: Hotel Management School suspected of fraud!

School management accused of fraud. Some students will even complain about this. But what happened?

A hotel management school in Lyon accused of fraud. A student filed a complaint against this top school which also pays. But what happened? We tell you more in this article.

School management accused of fraud

This is SHG Lyon School. And one of the students decided to file a complaint recently for fraud. This student is Anais. Then I filed a complaint last March Against the principal of this private school. The latter is very expensive.

in all: 22100 for two years in this school. A real amount that you have to invest and remove from your wallet. But SHG Lyon’s promises are attractive. So a hundred students are the ones who pay that amount every year.

But in the end, these hundreds of students ran into a real problem. No one has graduated at the end of the two years. Despite the cost of training. the reason ? SHG Lyon has been subject to compulsory liquidation since January 2022. The police station and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nantes are handling the case.

However, everything was fine. This management school has already existed for 5 years. Anis explains to FranceInfo That at first there is no lizard. This is a classic formation. The building is located in Lyon and the young woman takes lessons with the teachers.

But everything changes when Second confinement in October 2020. Already, the period is not easy for all students. But for those of SHG Lyon, this all turns out to be a real nightmare. Indeed, everything Remote courses.

SHG student story

So far, nothing surprising in light of the Covid crisis. But the students wince when they realize that there is only one teacher left Who teaches all subjects. And this is the director of SHG itself. A very surprising fact.

FranceInfo questioned the school principal about this. And here is his answer. ” There is no law prohibiting the giving of lessons. I have 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry.. The students are happy with the lessons you gave them.

But during these two years of master’s, Anna had the impression that he was learning nothing. ” We have always done the same thing, learning nothing to be managers, We were really taken by the kids“.

In addition, students are mixed according to their level. The courses are the same. which makes no sense. But at the beginning of 2022, The school is under liquidation. So she cannot continue training. For this reason, students can no longer get an internship.

Not even a diploma. But the director continues to say that everything is fine. Since then, Anis has filed a complaint. Others may follow. she was young take out a loan From 30,000 euros to pay for this school. A loan to be paid off.

It really is not easy To keep morale high After the COVID-19 years, it’s hard to go back then. Anees is on a permanent contract at the front desk of a hotel.

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