Xander Bogaerts confirmed he won't be trading this week - MLB Passion

Xander Bogaerts confirmed he won’t be trading this week – MLB Passion

It’s not yet clear what the Red Sox will do on the sidelines of the trading deadline, but one thing is for sure: Until the end of the season, Xander Bogaerts will be in town and wearing the red uniform. Sox.

That’s what he confirmed to the media last night.

Obviously, Bogarts has been released. After all, yes, he wants to get paid well next year, but he wants to be in Boston. So he wants to stay in the city in the future.

Yesterday it looked like he had been released. He hit his first home since July 5th. We’re talking about his eighth home run this season.

However, he does not know if he will get into trouble due to exposing the information to the media, but these are details.

But what remains is to decide what Sox will do.

It is widely rumored that this is how the club played its first 10 matches after the All-Star Game break.

consequences? Sweep against Toronto and tied for series (2-2) against the Guardians. Incidentally, we have to mention the big losses (including the 28-5 loss) as well as the erratic defensive play.

Will this convince Haim Blum to trust the group in the future and not trade the few hired players they have available? The question is correct.

After all, JD Martinez in the market could be a game changer and fully expect the latter from here on Tuesday.

In the middle, it is important to note that many people are expecting the adverse option to be traded by August 2 at 6pm.

Remember, Boston this season has not won a series against a division competitor. no one.

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