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How to Find a Crucible Axe’s Armor Set – TechRadar

The Elden Ring is full of amazing armor sets. one, in particular, Crucible ax armor setIt can be seen very early in the game – you come across a Crucible Knight boss wearing the armor in Stormhill Evergoal in Limgrave.

However, to find the shield on your own, you’ll need to have access to Altus plateau then suburbs of the capital, outside Leyndell, Royal Capital. The shield is there Tomb of the hero of OryzaDungeon located in the eastern suburbs of the capital.



In front of you is difficult: get ready

to win the Crucible ax armor setYou will have to move Tomb of the hero of Oryza Defeat the Double Boss at the end of the dungeon: Knight Ordovis Crucible and one Knight lower crucible. It’s an incredibly difficult battle and an important dungeon that we have to fight, so Raising the level of for you arms) And the spiritual ash Of choice if you have the resources to do so. Also consider collecting golden seeds or sacred tears nearby to increase potency A vial of scarlet tears. You will also need a file stone sword key in the order Enter Tomb of the hero of Oryza.


Point: If you haven’t got it, remember to enter Shackle Margate From repairs. The hidden use of the item is that it will trigger all the traps and make a file Tanks destroy each other when you collide. destroy tanks In the tomb of the Azure hero prize you are with tree guard shield and the Ashes of War: Holy Land.

  • start from Battlefield outer wall place of grace.
  • Drive east, up the slope and enter the huge cemetery.
  • Come to the crossroads, turn right and turn now southeast.
  • Watch out for golem archers straight ahead.
  • Follow the path down to canyonIt continued to the southeast, under the bridge and into the clearing beyond.
  • Forward and to the right you will find a file hall At the grave of the hero of Oryza with a bear and Akbar ronnie bear Clearing guard.

The tomb of Oriza’s hero has a couple Well hidden passages All the time, so make sure of it to come back later When you are in plus mode Exploratory mood.

Defeat the Crucible, the Knight of Ordovis, and the Knight of the Lower Crucible

After navigating the death labyrinth of the chariot that is the tomb of the hero of Oriza, you will reach the fog of the dungeon.

this Double boss fightEnough aggression violent. Although the President’s Square may seem quite large at first, you’ll quickly wish you had more room to move around. This battle is about patience And the spatial awareness. is often better rolling around You have more space to backup instead of getting that extra hit, because each attack stuns you and takes a huge chunk of your health. Moreover: Be prepared to die many times. This boss fight is a real difficulty to jump the vast majority of small dungeons In Elden Ring.

  • Healing the trigger attack – The Knights of the Crucible have a Effects to me to punish you every time drink from a bottle-they go immediately start lunge attack towards you. Try to put a serious distance between you and them before trying to heal.
  • Use the columns to your advantage – Try to slow their progress by placing a pole between you and those chasing you. They can be useful, but don’t rely on them too much – Crucible Knights’ attacks can dash Move them unexpectedly around the pillarsAnd at other times they will completely destroy the pillars.
  • Kill the little knight of the Crucible first – Focus on the boss who uses The Great Spear of the Silurian Tree. he have small health barAnd this battle will become much easier once you only deal with one Crucible Knight. Knights of the Crucible Often which one is more violent towards you, if Ordovis Open to attacking, or getting a hit or two – just try to prioritize the little knight of the crucible when you can so you can knock him out quickly.

If all else fails, think Summon another player to help in the fight. exist No shame in joyful cooperation!

Enjoy your victory and your spoils

The armor of the Knights of the Crucible who served Godfrey, the first lord of Elden. Worn by Knight Ordovis and his men. Possess the power of the Crucible of Life, the primal form of Erdtree. Strengthens the sides of the crucible talismans.

– Description of Armor Ax Crucible

After you overcome this very difficult battle, you will be rewarded 28000 runesAnd the Ordovis Greatswordand the Crucible ax armor set. The armor set is quite heavy, so you may need to increase your armor Endurance to me Avoid large bearingsBut the shield itself is his Strong spread of defenses, and gives an aspect of Crucible spells a boost to every piece of armor worn, although the real benefit of wearing a Crucible Ax Armor set is how awesome it looks. The table below covers the main benefits of wearing the full set of armor:

Crucible ax armor set

denial of harm Resistance
physical 38.3 immunity 120
VS Strike 30.3 durability 170
Italic VS 36.7 Concentration 84
VS pierce 36.7 Vitality 84
Magic 28.2 Balance 58
Fire 27.9
flash 24.7
light 24.7
saint 29.3
Gross Weight: 36.9

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