Which NBA players could retire this summer?

Which NBA players could retire this summer?

One last dance was pre-announced, never formulated to leave in peace, brutally taken into the biggest mess… Withdrawal can come in many forms, generally specific to the personality of the players involved. And while we don’t know what their future holds, we’ve decided to bring you the list of players likely to say goodbye to the NBA this summer, or next. We should really prepare for it because it’s an inevitable move unfortunately, except for LeBron James.

They want to continue but have not yet found a recipient

This new beginning, players sometimes find difficult to visualize and refuse to succumb to it. In the current NBA, many boys fall into this category. However, if some manage to continue the adventure, this is unfortunately not the case for everyone, who sometimes desperately strive for the slightest contract that would allow them not to have to hang up their sneakers. course nameUdonis Haslam It comes to mind very quickly. While his level in basketball is a far cry from last year’s due to the 42 well-packed broomsticks, it’s been six years since then. Eric Spoelstra assistant Interiors renegotiates one-year contracts each summer with the Heat, thus keeping a spot on an NBA bench when he clearly no longer has a lease level. His experience, combined with his influence in the locker room, is very useful in this young Heat team where strong personalities vie with each other. Without an agent for a month, there’s currently no indication – or contraindication – to know if Pat Riley will keep former Ailan Chalon player (yes yes). Let’s be clear: If Miami doesn’t want him anymore, Haslem is sure to retire, and probably doesn’t want to play for another franchise.

in a completely different situation, Anthony Carmelo He is also the subject of intense debate about his future within the League. Tip… Nowhere, Milo doesn’t want to give up, he’s the one who was still averaging 13 points last season. Any possible leads? There it is: a return to the Lakers, a farewell tour to the Knicks, a beautiful role in the Warriors… At the moment, it doesn’t seem like an interesting enough show in the eyes of Position 3 hasn’t been suggested to him, like us waiting to see what happens to him. We can also mention the case of Anthony’s Lakers teammate this year: Dwight Howard. Having seen himself wrestling for the WWE later on, the free agent for now prefers to be limited to basketball, in which he had a rather nice career. After 18 seasons in the NBA, Dwighty is already looking for a franchise ready to give him a new chance, while restart it The Lakers seem to be compromised with the arrival of Thomas Bryant, to name a few. Pending the development of Kyrie’s profile just like Milo to unlock the situation, Interiors could take the direction of Brooklyn, with some sparking mutual interest between the two parties.

Among the very few names mentioned for this free app, we also find the name Paul Millsap. At 37 and after a season in which he played only 33 games between the Nets and Sixers as he was transferred on a trade deadline, the All-Star quartet was…no rumours. If he is nevertheless considered that he still has a role to play in the current NBA, the latter must above all seek to persuade the team to award him a contract, which is not currently on the shelves of any Director general. In a similar case, Rajon Rondo He seems to be having trouble finding someone willing to pay for his services. He also traded during the season, but this time from L.A. to Cleveland, the captain made 39 appearances to painfully reach a 5-point average at a 39% shootout. If we add to his profile the serious accusations his subject is and, in general, his highly critical attitude in the locker room, we get a comfortable 36-year-old who would really struggle to find a franchise ready with open arms.

Uncertainty hangs over their desires

Si certains sont dans l’incertitude quant à leur avenir car aucune équipe ne semble être intéressée par leur profil, d’autres se laissent quant à eux le temps de la réflexion, afin de savoir s’ mettre le term un doi vent no. Because if he refutes the hypothesis of merging the technical staff of the warriors at the present time, Andre Iguodala He has not yet made a decision about his future as a player. Free Agent After returning to Golden State for a year with a minimum veteran contract, the four-time champion has played just 31 games this season to produce a measly statistic. Like Udonis Haslem, the former Finals MVP role was above all a mentor role for youngsters like Andrew Wiggins, who clearly crossed a milestone during the 2021-2022 campaign. Currently thinking about his future, Iggy knows he is welcome in San Francisco, where there is a cozy place allotted to him. For the 39-year-old we leave you with what he himself said on the podcast mic dab talk :

I’m trying From rethinking to me The seasonAnd the who in to take advantage of itAnd the to enjoy being a a hero. And the if this is Moment receipt… Ie Not I know Not if this is will be aNot resolution DifficultAnd the but I A.m Ready to me everything. »

– Andre Iguodala

It is also possible to mention a somewhat special case in a person LaMarcus Aldridge. After retiring last year after suffering major heart problems, the LMA is back to continue working from where it left off: at the Nets. This season, with Brooklyn, the interior still turns 13 average points at 55% of shooting. However, since the beginning of the free agency…nothing, nada, this tchi, walou. No rumors because there are no offers. It’s hard to believe that Job 4 no longer matters to any franchise. While he’s now said he’s approaching years one by one with the desire to keep going, we’re entitled to ask if he’s not thinking about retiring definitively at 37. Regardless of assumptions, we will therefore keep an eye on the Aldridge profile, which may hold some surprises waiting for us in the coming weeks. As for the Lou WilliamsAt the start of the season, the words seemed fairly straightforward. After being invited over to Taylor Rocks’ mic, the latter made it very clear that this season might be his last. Well, the season is now over, and we have no news of the all-time top scorer among the substitutes, who is certainly hesitating a lot. to me At the soon-to-be 36-year-old, Lou-will seems intoxicated by the limitations of high-level sports, and he probably would rather spend his time doing something other than traveling every day. With 56 games on the clock last season with the Hawks, the boy still has something to hold on to, especially in the role of a veteran, but only his desires will guide his actions.

They will have to make a decision next year

It’s hard to predict what will happen in a year because by definition…a lot can happen! However, we invite all of you to follow some of the boys closely, because some are truly reaching the end of their careers. While he just signed for a year in Washington, Gibson’s crown He will become a free agent again in the summer of 2023. And even if we wish him well in the Wizards, it is very likely that this season will be his last at home, which nonetheless continues to do the job at scale. However, the lack of confidence, because the latter said that he would play until no one wanted him, and you never know what could happen. register George Hill It also needs monitoring. Preparing for his retirement for several years now, the 37-year-old could finish his run next summer to take care of his recently purchased ranch in Texas in peace. what about Joe Engels, who joined Hill at the Bucks this month in signing a one-year, $6.5 million contract with Milwaukee. Once again a free agent in 11 months, Jinglin’ ​​Joe is playing a big role this season. Because if he fails to perform, the latter may have a hard time finding a franchise ready to bet on a man of about 36 years old, subject to physical errors.

As for the LeBron James, We invite you to consult if you think that the man intends to give up everything within a year. We can understand your concern about Goran DragicAnd the Alhorford or Danny Green, who have all been 36 years, but honestly no one sees them stopping in 2023, those who repeat that they want to last longer. Same for twins Brooke and Robin Lopez, who should continue their journey in the NBA. However, one could be more skeptical about this issue Wesley Matthews – The Bucks will definitely switch to EHPAD – whose contract will expire next season, and who already had doubts about his future this summer. We can finally wrap up with someone we haven’t heard from lately since then Mark Gasol. After being cut short by Memphis last year, big Spain has joined…its own club: Basket Girona. Having established it in 2014 with his brother Pau, the NBA champion with the Raptors allowed his team to reach Spain’s top flight, La Liga, for the first time in its short history. And if he’s expected to do a new season there, we’re entitled to wonder if it won’t be the last.

Names, there is a shovel. Of those, some won’t be on the NBA floors in a year, without a doubt. to me On the contrary, others may last for several years. Ultimately, although it affects many people, the decision is only up to the players themselves. It remains to be seen what everyone will decide for their future.

Text source: Spotrac / Basketball Reference / ESPN / Bleacher Report

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