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Faced with problems of inflation and purchasing power, a study by HappyMex of the French’s knowledge of their insurance contract revealed how much the French could recover more money from their insurance companies: the loot could run into billions of euros.

Most of the French have Many insurance contracts have a poor understanding of their terms, particularly with regard to covered risks and compensation claims.

The study shows that nearly 1 in 2 French people did not read the general terms of their contracts, most often because they did not want to spend time on them. Likewise, only 1 in 5 French people say they are aware of the guarantees included and the exclusions from their insurance contracts. So it is not surprising to note that nearly 1 in 2 French people have already found out that the claim they wanted to make was not covered by their contract.

Summarizing otherwise (at the highest peak in the state), the study shows that the French can recover “crazy dough” so they “Fuck to the end” Rebellious insurance companies.

The study shows that in the event of a claim, the French expect more speed from their insurance company, simple process, clear explanations and transparency.

In the current inflationary environment, here are four practical recommendations from experts to help consumers get money back (legally) from their insurance company, without necessarily changing it.

1/ Duplicate tracking

79% of the French say they are not very familiar with the included guarantees and exclusions from their insurance contracts.

52% of the French do not have the reaction to systematically check current cover before obtaining additional insurance.

The first element of the economy: many French people pay double insurance.

2 / Detect “holes in the racket”

Some risks are poorly covered. “Holes in the racket” can be expensive on arrival.

In auto insurance, some warranty terms can be so stringent that they practically never apply.

46% of French people who actually had a claim found out too late they were not covered by their insurance when they thought they were.

3/ By car, consider “insurance” even for small problems

Your car was parked properly and you found it had minor body damage? Some scratches or the back a little wet? Aside from incidents requiring a prompt friendly report, these small indignities quickly pass into oblivion. However, it can cause a loss of value at the time of potential resale of the vehicle. Thus, money is lost when it is necessary to have an “insurance reflex”.

56% of the French do not have the reaction to calling their insurance company about small daily claims such as theft inside the car.

4 / Don’t give up on getting your compensation back

The jackpot that often eludes the French: fair compensation. Confused by the complexity of contracts and procedures, many often abandon their claims.

36% of French with a claim started making claims without going through the procedures.

45% of French people who have a claim do not know possible solutions in the event of a dispute with their insurance company.

In the case of auto insurance, be careful when reporting a claim. The slightest error in the questionnaire provided by your car insurance company can cost you dearly and lead to a refusal of compensation.

source: A study of the knowledge of the French about their insurance contract was conducted by HappyDimics on behalf of the transformation and innovation consultancy Julhiet Sterwen and the site that accompanies the insured in their procedures after the Lyanne disaster.

methodology: A study conducted at the end of 2021 on a sample of 1142 respondents at the national level, represented by age and gender.

Image source: F.Muhammad from Pixabay

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