Un étudiant trouve un bébé dans la rue en rentrant chez lui et l’adopte !

A student finds a baby on the street on his way home and adopts him!

Our colleagues from La Libre are back on the trip of a student who found a baby on the street a few years ago.

In 2017, Jamie Amicial’s life changed. As a young communications student at Texas College, Found a child on the street I decided to adopt it. Back to this special session.

Students from different backgrounds…

The MCE TV editorial team just so happens to be highlighting extraordinary facts. Not so long ago, we told you that a man – named Giuseppe Paterno – had access Master’s degree in History and Philosophy At the age of 99 years.

But this is not the only feat achieved by this senior student. Two years ago, he had already succeeded A baccalaureate certificate in the above-mentioned subjects. Well say it!

There was also this famous baccalaureate – an answer to the name Clara Esteni – that she got His degree averaged 18.5/20 But not mentioned.

the reason ? She was going to pass her exams In two different schools, after two years. This does not happen!

Without forgetting this famous French student – named Sebastien Raoult – who was Suspected of being a very active hacker. The latter is Chased by the FBI At the moment. Ouch!

if you want Discover another very amazing way to liveWe invite you to continue reading. We’re about to tell you Jimmy Amesel’s story. And the least we can say is that it’s worth the detour!

What is the story of the man who adopted a child found in the middle of the street?

the free Today I decided to explain What happened to Jimmy Amesel?. For your information, he is a 27-year-old young man. But what’s so special?

basic. When he was a young communications student at Texas College in 2017, he decided to take a vacation in Haiti, his home country. Then take the opportunity to Extending a helping hand to the orphanage.

But one day, when he was going to the scene of the accident, Jimmy noticed a group of people Near the trash. It was on the verge ofabandoned child.

“People were crowding around this trash. I heard them arguing You know what to do with this little kid. Everyone was looking at him. Not a single soul wants to help. »He said to the student daily Mail. He was crying and had no clothes. I could see the pain in his eyes. »then added.

Then He decided to take him to his mother. Together they washed, dressed, and fed him. But a small problem. They did not find his parents.

A few days later, the judge asked Jimmy if he wanted to become his legal guardian. Of course, hesitation. In fact, it was already late for his studies. Moreover, his family always struggled to survive.

However, he decided to accept. “Sometimes you don’t need to know what to do. You should Just be prepared to do it. », Release. The child was obligated to his name. He decided… Emilio.

today, The student is trying to finish his studies (which is late) as well as being a good father to Emilio. He also began the process of officially adopting the child. But this is long and expensive.

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