Basket / N1M – C’Chartres Basket Masculin: the packaging is aware and ready for a new season

The charts are completed with the holidays! Make way for the reunion, room on tan and congratulations to the young father, Guillaume Le Pape’s assistant.

The first video of Moatasem Raneen, the new CCBM trainer

C’Chartres BM: It’s time to heal, sooner than usual

After the first meeting on Monday, August 1, the CCBM will return to the field and then the ball for nine sessions this week. Moatasem Renam, the new coach (in front) is still waiting for his foreign player, the file should be over soon.

Coupe de France: well-known opponents of Chartres clubs

The draw for the first round (final 64) of the Coupe de France took place on Monday 1 August at the FFBB headquarters. The Coupe de France men’s matches are scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 21 (8 pm). You will receive Chartrains Rin that appears, like the CCBM, in the western group of N1. In the league, the two teams will meet later, at the beginning of November. For women, the Coupe de France campaign will start later on Saturday, October 8 (8pm). Destiny attributed, on Monday, to Reims (L2F) as the first opponent in the official competition. The match will take place in Champagne seven weeks after the resumption scheduled for August 23.

Match preparations. 08/19: Caen (N1) – CCBM at 5pm; 08/24: CCBM – Caen (N1) to Chartres at 5 pm; 25 to 28/08: training in Voiron (Isère); 08/29: Saint-Vallier (ProB) – CCBM at 7 p.m.; 3/09: Vitré (N1) – CCBM in Montgermont (Ille-et-Vilaine) at 6pm; 10/09: CCBM-Cergy-Pontoise (N1) in Chartres at 5.30pm; 09/16: CCBM (N1) Tours at Nogent-le-Rotrou at 8pm; 09/21: Coupe de France first round: Chartres (N1) – Rennes (N1).

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