Champions League, Monaco: What do you expect from Ruud van Nistelrooy at PSV Eindhoven?

Champions League, Monaco: What do you expect from Ruud van Nistelrooy at PSV Eindhoven?

Monaco’s rival who finished third in the Europa League group last year, PSV Eindhoven want revenge this time in the third qualifying round of the Champions League (the next match is live). A Dutch team maintained a certain structure, but nevertheless experienced some turmoil. In second place in the last Dutch championship, Eindhoven had a hectic but rather enjoyable summer. While the departures of Mario Gotze (Eintracht Frankfurt) and Roger Schmidt (Benfica) took shape quickly, the Dutch team was able to quickly replace the Germans. Active in the transfer window, the Eindhoven-based club put their hands on Guus Til to replace the 2014 world champions. Last season was fully revived in Feyenoord (21 goals and 5 performances in 49 games) after a failure in Russia at Spartak Moscow, the player was The 24-year-old was one of the architects of a brilliant season for FC Rotterdam, culminating in a losing Europa League final to AS Roma (1-0). Besides the coach, the former home scorer, Ruud van Nistelrooy, was selected. The former coach of youth teams and former assistant to the Dutch selection, the 46-year-old who is a Dutch football legend, will be keen to succeed in his first real experience as number one.

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Regardless of what one might think of his lack of experience in the position, he still had eight years of training with PSV Eindhoven and Orange and felt the time was right. “I didn’t want to throw myself headlong into this challenging career. It took me almost ten years to prepare for it and now I think I’m ready. I’m proud, I’ve played here and will lead PSV now as head coach. But I also know that the hardest part is starting and being a player Being good is not enough to be a good coach.explained at the time of his appointment to the Boeren seat. He also benefits from two other heavy reinforcements, Luc de Jong (31, Sevilla) in attack to replace Eran Zahavi as well as Walter Benitez (29, Nice) to bring quality in goal, and will rely on young shots like rookies Xavi Simmons (19), PSG) and Ki -Jana Hoever (20, Wolverhampton) who has already taken their place in Eleven. Continuing his predecessor’s 4-2-3-1 system, Ruud van Nistelrooy is completely faithful to his style of play as a player. Abusive and seductive, these are the keywords.

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Knowing interesting preparations with 16 goals to 9, Ruud van Nistelrooy still has to find the right balance within his squad. However, good things were hinted at and this would give newbie Guus Til a favorite. Last Saturday in the Dutch Super Cup against Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven won 5-3. The owner of a resounding hat-trick, the attacking midfielder was able to be decisive and benefited from the hard work of the wings. In the absence of Noni Madueki, it was young Yohan Bakayoko (19) who played in the right lane while Cody Gakbo was placed on the left side. Two fast and turbulent elements make the difference that Guus Til and Luuk de Jong can capitalize on in the middle. Be careful of the lanes, this should be Monaco’s stand against the Boerians. After this first trophy as a coach, Ruud van Nistelrooy could not keep his emotions in check: “Obviously scoring five goals for Ajax is a fantastic achievement.” However, a defense in which Walter Benitez and Kee Jana Hoover have joined forces with Jordan Tees, Armando Obispo and Philip Max will have to iron the bolts while Joey Ferman-Abraham Sangari remains a pivotal double reference.

This match against AS Monaco will be another great test for the PSV version of Ruud van Nistelrooy who had a rather encouraging start. Still on tour like ASM, this Dutch team will be one piece to coach Philip Clement. And the Belgian coach expressed his doubts at a press conference: “The PSV Eindhoven players showed the qualities we know about them, great attacking power, great teamwork, with experienced players. To score five goals at Ajax is a great achievement. But we are determined to beat a team like this.” Studying his Dutch counterpart’s game, Philippe Clement also targeted transformations as the main focus of risk for his team: “I don’t know him personally. I know the great player he was. He was a striker, he lived his first months as a No. 1 coach. His team has a clear structure on attacking to win games. His best strength is the transition and the game on the ground. After a forewarning, Monaco will have to put themselves at their best already if they don’t want to suffer a disappointment like last year, against Shakhtar Donetsk.

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