Fixed.  Energy Renewal: Is it Possible to Combine Financial Aid?

Fixed. Energy Renewal: Is it Possible to Combine Financial Aid?

Despite the rise in energy prices associated with the war in Ukraine and inflation, which reduce the purchasing power of the French, assistance to replenish energy continues to decline. Some have recently disappeared, while others are easy to integrate.

End of “Transitional Reinforced Insulation for Attics and Roofs”

After the last layout for 1Verse May 2022 from the amount of CEE premiums (Certificates Energy Savings)* awarded for insulating walls and low floors, it is a transitional payment for insulating attics and roofs that disappeared on June 30, 2022.

Classic rewards return regardless of income

The result: since 1 July 2022, the disappearance of this boost has led to a return to the classic CEE premiums by climatic zone (H1, H2, and H3) and without income discrimination. Whereas a family with a very modest income living in Aude, for example, could have been helped by €12 per square meter of insulation installed in the attic, today they only get €5 per square metre, and their section is located in H3 .

According to Hello Watt, a web platform that helps individuals control their energy consumption and bills, a family of four with a very modest income, lives in a 100 square meter house.2 And you want to insulate attics and roofs at a total cost of €2,500, see the remaining freight increase of €450 since 1Verse July (1,300 euros of the remaining amount due on June 30, compared to 1,750 euros as of June 1Verse July).

“Certainly, these measures are intended to encourage individuals and professionals to carry out comprehensive renovations aimed at significant energy savings rather than working in one step,” emphasizes Hello Watt.

In addition, the reduction in assistance was justified to stop the €1 bids due to the violations it may have caused. However, this would lead to individual frustration and a reduction in workload, in stark contrast to the strong public ambitions associated with housing regeneration. »

Possibility to combine eco-PTZ and MaPrimeRénov ‘…

1 . agoVerse July, thanks to a decree published on March 30, 2022 in the Official Gazette, banks can now offer a new zero-rate environmental loan (eco-PTZ) to finance the remainder of the work eligible for MaPrimeRénov. This relates to work on improving the energy performance of the main residence.

A notice from the National Housing Agency (Anah) attributing ‘MaPrimeRénov’ to the family is sufficient to request an eco-PTZ. But this notice must be no more than six months old and the work must have started no more than three months before the issuance of the PTZ offer.

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… and to combine MaPrimeRénov’s ‘Serenity’ with ‘High-Performance Renewal Enhancement’

“Serenity” MaPrimeRénov, available from 1Verse January 2022, is a government subsidy aimed primarily at people who live in thermal sieves and who want to make a comprehensive renovation of their home.

1 . agoVerse July 2022, may be combined with a high-performance single-family home renovation promotion for work completed until December 31, 2025 and completed by December 31, 2026 at the latest.

* These are premiums paid to families. Principle: Some energy suppliers (electricity, gas, heating oil, etc.) are obligated to provide energy. To obtain the centers of economic and social services and avoid financial penalties, they must promote energy efficiency among individuals in particular, with the implementation of renovation work partially funded by Coups de Pouce.

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