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What car insurance would you choose for an electric car?

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Revolution electric cars It has been running for a few years. With the life of the batteries and the autonomy of the batteries getting longer, electricity problems evaporate! You tend to buy a new or used electric car but you wonder If you will pay more for car insurance ? Do a car insurance simulator!

Obviously this will depend on whether you are investing in a file Zoe or Tesla ! But it’s an excellent question to ask yourself because under the hood, there are subtleties between cars with heat engines, hybrids and electrics, but also on paper. What is the cost of insuring your electric car? Does it cost more than a “traditional” petrol or diesel car? Answers to help you!

How much does electric car insurance cost?

On average in France, It costs less to insure an electric car. This is evidenced by a study that compared the average cost of car insurance for an electric vehicle to the average cost paid by motorists who own a thermal vehicle. On average, electric car insurance costs 30 euros less per year.

But comparing cars with the same engineswe realize that this is not true: in fact, with the same engine and range, it is more expensive to insure an electric car: this can vary from a few tens to a few hundred euros per year depending on the classes of the car.

For a Renault ZOE driver, for example, it is necessary to count at least 500 euros per year by concluding an all-risk insurance contract. If we compare it with a Peugeot 208 or Renault Clio (they are cars of the same class), then the driver will be able to claim an all-risk insurance from 250 euros per year.

why ?

Why does an insurance contract cost more for an electric car? What are the guarantees?

With the same engine and vehicle range, insuring an electric vehicle costs more. But this is not because the electric car has broken down the most. explain it Electric car purchase price And not through the possibility of an accident or malfunction more easily. We won’t talk about Tesla, so let’s go back to the same example as before, Comparison of Zoe and Cleo : It costs twice as much to buy the Zoé, so it’s twice as much insurance.

In the event of an accident, as repairs are more expensive on an electric vehicle, so is insurance! Batteries are the most expensive parts to maintain and repair in the event of a problem. The insurance company does not like uncertainty, it will naturally cover the risks and anticipate the cost of possible repairs on the price of your monthly premiums.

Does insurance change between electric and hybrid or thermal?

No, it’s the same formulas and the same commitments. In terms of contract and law, you should insure your electric vehicle, like everyone else!

For this, you will sign up for an insurance contract by choosing from the formulas offered by your insurance company.

The traditional insurance formula for the bonus you can insure your electric car

  • Third party insurance contract: This is the cheapest formula, which will cover above all third party bodily damage in the event of an accident but also against fire or theft. To this you can add more glass breakage and civil protection, and these are the contracts called “third parties +”.
  • All Risk Insurance Contract: This is the best option if your electric car is new, you will pay more but in the event of an accident involving your responsibility or not related to it, you will be assured of a refund of your car value before damage.

Electric vehicle insurance per kilometer

You only pay according to the number of kilometers you travel. Even if your insurance costs more than a thermal car, it generally costs 30% less to get insurance per kilometer, but you need to make sure you don’t exceed the advertised quota (usually 5,000 or 10,000 km per year).

‘Pay while driving’ type insurance

This type of insurance will reward the way you drive: so you have to agree to install a box in your cabin to measure your driving! The insurance company will pay you a premium based on how you drive (by calculating how you brake, accelerate, and rotate, depending on the weather and traffic).

Electric car insurance

In your initial contract, your insurance company may offer you additional options for better assistance, especially for the battery.

  • For example, since the cost of batteries is very high for electric cars, insurance companies will offer a “0 km battery” guarantee, which will allow you to repair anywhere
  • Other insurance companies have also started offering “physical damage” coverage: they will cover you in the event of a problem caused by an outside factor, such as a faulty charger that damaged your car!

If you want to know more about electric car insurance, contact your insurance company! This is still a new phenomenon and not all insurance companies offer the same coverage. Compare offers, request quotes and ask your insurance company to get the most suitable offer.

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