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Start Paris Saint-Germain Spend a lot of money to secure the services of a player. The arrival of a player in the capital did not have such an effect. August 3, 2017 Neymar working with Paris Saint-Germainwho paid his release clause in the amount of 222 million euros with F.C.B. The most expensive transfer in football history, a show with great fanfare and hopes no less important than the talent of the Brazilian star. Among his most loyal supporters, those who point the finger at him for a notorious infraction, and others who accuse him of being a symbol of what has recently been persistently dubbed “bling-bling,” five years after he reached Paris Saint-Germaincondition Neymar It seems that he is not the one he intended, and the player finds himself in a situation that even the most careful observer of the ball can not foresee.

Neymar a zigzag story?

Despite the enormous talent Neymar And the legitimate hopes placed on it, verse 10 of Paris Saint-Germain He was disappointed in the last exercise so far, and overall, his history with Paris is not unanimous among supporters blue red. The person who was destined to carry the club’s project from the capital to the top of Europe has often been absent, especially during important deadlines in the club’s recent history.

What recently put the Brazil international to the test is the latest media outing from a president Paris Saint-Germain. In fact, Nasser Al-Khelaifi drawn in columns Parisian last June 21 The end of blingAn announcement caused a storm of glances in the direction of Neymar. Because yes, the former F.C.B He would have felt targeted by these statements, which he also did not appreciate according to the information from RMC Sports. The latter also claimed that the player had tendencies to leave. However, the Brazilian’s statements tend towards a love story that continued between him and Paris Saint-Germain.

A wish can turn into a real good idea for the club as well as for the player. Because yes, despite all the identifiable flaws about ‘Ney’, the fact remains that at his best, he is an essential player in the Parisian workforce. Work to be done now for the new sports management, and Christoph Galtier With his crew: to ensure that the Brazilian No. 10 is in the best possible conditions in order to express the fullness of his talent in the shirt. blue red. There will be little room for discussion then Neymar He regains full possession of his means, by order of the coach who wishes to make him the centerpiece of his workforce. Added to this is the fact that we are in a year world Cupand with the possible reaction of the player’s pride, this possibility takes more and more place in the analysis of the situation Neymar. According to our colleagues from the teamAnd the Luis Campos And the Christoph Galtier Let the player know firsthand what they expect of him in terms of dedication and behaviour, and that they hope he is.” She is at the height of her great potential and qualities“. Expectations placed on him by his new administration, which are moving in the direction of renewal in Neymar. All this will now be clearly visible in the player who will display a state of mind.” much appreciated ” to speak Paris Saint-Germainwho is currently being judged, blameless“.

Neymar announces the color himself

The reaction of pride that provoked, can be born thanks to what has generated a bad situation Neymar During this summer transfer period 2022. When the new sports management of Paris Saint-Germain Settles, the player is selected immediately. Where the initial tendencies could have occurred in the Brazilian’s mind, the latter expressed the exact opposite in the media, both through what was leaked from his entourage, and through his own words. In fact, according to different echoes, for several weeks, internally, Neymar He says he’s happy Paris Saint-GermainAnd he is ready to achieve the “best season of his life” in 2022-2023, both with the selection of Brazil on the occasion International in Qatarthis with Paris Saint-Germain. In addition to showing the new strongmen at his club that he can still stand the team and be the champion for an important chapter in the history of Paris Saint-GermainThe 30-year-old can proudly react to the doubts about him, in order to turn the trend in his favour. Far be it from me to make people understand that Neymar He’s got things to prove, just, the champ has his pride, and it looks like the number 10 has been up for a few weeks. In this recovery, the team He also explains that the player trained in it Santos He would sign his return from vacation in good spirits, having lost weight, thus appearing in promising form.


Since July 1, it has been linked to Paris Saint-Germain Until 2027, thanks to an option in his contract that allowed him to extend his lease for an additional season, which he has accomplished today. In addition to this contractual reality, it is at the end of the preparatory match against Urawa Red Diamonds (win 0-3) it Neymar It expressly states: I still want to stay here with the clubIf he goes to the end of his contract, he will be able to include in his resume an affair of at least a decade with Paris Saint-Germain. This love story could be more beautiful if the promises were kept.

Revival in time

Consider the numbers NeymarThere have been 4 goals in the largest number of matches played since the restart at the beginning of July. The Brazilian international scored two goals in the last warm-up match against Gamba Osakathen a new one faces Nantes during the Champions Cup. The first trips for the 2022-2023 financial year, which indicate a real return to the formation of the number 10 in Paris. He pointed out throughout last season for his lack of regularity and his performance, and it seems that the Brazilian star is standing at a turning point in his career, more precisely in his history with Paris Saint-Germain. What has often been criticized in particular is his loss of blasting, which is shown during his duels with the ball at his feet, in which the player appears to have difficulty making the difference by dribbling. In this sense, such as his critical opening pass Messi during the Champions CupAnd the Neymar You have to make the difference more with the pass, and by repositioning it at the center of the game, in order to take on the role of captain.

If he is afraid to see the former ward in F.C.B In the position of the second striker on 3-4-1-2 of Christoph GaltierThe answer was on the ground. Easy to see by looking at heat map sofascore From Neymar The Champions Cup (Win 4-0), that he was in the penalty area only a few times, and that the role assigned to him Christoph Galtier Special, and it should be the same all season. a ” accurate idea As the Rouge & Bleu coach himself said during the press conference for his presentation on July 4, which seems to please the manager in question.

Paris Saint-Germain - Nantes: Neymar chromaticity map
Photo: SofaScore

Since resuming in several stages during different matches, Neymar Go down and merge into the heart of the game, in order to harm the opponent with his attributes. with the presence of kilian Mbappe In the front of the attack, this new role that has now been confirmed, can also correspond to the revival MNM. Today by taking the ball, the total shot, his vision of the match and the pass, he is the number 10 of Paris Saint-Germain You will make the difference. The relationship between his renewal and the renewal of his club must be emphasized by the arrival of the new sports administration. Indeed, in addition to reacting with pride, the Brazilian appears to be showing humility in order to rediscover himself and meet the expectations of his new coach. A player who now does not hesitate to make the effort to start the first press, which plays and runs for the others.

CS editorial opinion

inside the team fan channelOpinions are divided. On the other hand, those who won’t be against his departure this summer but just in case they put in a (very) good show. Desire to see Paris Saint-Germain You find your way financially, and separated from the player contracted to 2027, who is aging, and who is often disappointed. On the other hand, some on the team CS I still have hope. they want to see Neymar Shine under the colors blue redCurious to see him evolve under orders Christoph Galtiereager to see the trio evolve MNM Over time, bring out the motivation that can win out this year world Cup. Among the most optimistic, it is also believed that this 2022-2023 season will be decisive for the Brazilian, if not final, it will be necessary to consider the separation. Everyone agrees on one thing, if Neymar finds his former form (without returning to his first season at PSG, but rather to the eighth final or even during the 2020/2021 financial year), the player is simply indisputable.

Neymar numbers in Paris Saint-Germain *

  • Neymar at PSG: 145 games / 102 goals / 60 assists
  • In LDCs: 35 games / 20 goals / 14 assists
  • In L1: 92 games / 69 goals / 39 assists
  • French Cup: 9 matches / 7 goals / 5 assists
  • League Cup: 6 matches / 3 goals / 2 assists
  • Champions Cup: 3 matches / 3 goals

source : Transfer Market*

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