Gers: French Kiss, 2021 French Air Guitar Champion, ready to perform at Kiosq'n'rock Festival

Gers: French Kiss, 2021 French Air Guitar Champion, ready to perform at Kiosq’n’rock Festival

The French Air Guitar Championships returned at the Mirande on August 5 and 6 with Kiosq’n’Rock. Title holder, a French kiss will defend his possessions. Meanwhile, he’s retracing his course.

This activity of imitating a guitarist’s gesture without owning the instrument has only one goal: to make a show. “French Kiss” or Frederic Roux, his real name, is the champion of France 2021.

How do you see the 2022 air guitar championship?

I’m ready, I’ve been ready for a year already. I won last year, hit the stage and sent heavy. On the first evening as the second, I edited, for example, Marseilles Captured by Ultra Vomit in the McFly and Carlito video with the President, an excerpt from Yves Dutell’s piece, another clip by David Bowie, and many others.

How is the service going?

When we go up on stage, we play a one-minute song. It looks short but it’s very long when you associate air guitar gestures. The sound is chosen by the artist. It can be a montage of extracts from different pieces, the so-called miscellaneous. It can also be a unique piece but it is very rare. Anyway, I never did. Then, at the end of the minute, the jury notes. The last show is “Super Conclusion”. This is a jury-imposed piece. The candidates who reach the grand final play the same piece one by one.

Air guitar, how long have you been passionate about it?

for 50 years. 14 years ago, my dream was to make a movie about the air guitar. 4 years ago this dream came true. Before the Covid-19 epidemic, I made a documentary with my son. It’s in the same spirit as Little Miss sunshine, except the roles are reversed, with the son following his father on his road trip. We traveled from Paris to Finland, to the World Championships in Oulu. I have a Facebook page, French Kiss goes to Oulu where you can find videos and information.

Do you have to be a guitarist to play air guitar?

It’s not even recommended to know how to play the guitar because if you look closely, most guitarists don’t move around on stage. With exceptions like Jimi Hendrix, for example, who played with his teeth. But other than that, there are very few guitarists in the Air Guitar World Championship. In 2019, the champion of France is Lord Schratt who is a drummer.

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