Jason Lucasi, a little boy from child protection who became a model: 'I realized my future depends only on myself'

Jason Lucasi, a little boy from child protection who became a model: ‘I realized my future depends only on myself’

He was placed in childcare at Oise as a baby, Jason Lukasi is now 20 years old and works as a model for major ready-to-wear brands. He tells us about his journey.

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He is an ambitious young man, a career that impresses. At the age of 20, Jason Lucasi was on his way to fulfilling the dream of many young people of his generation: introducing himself on social networks and making a living by becoming an influencer. He has already made modeling deals with top fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Boss, and paid partnerships with other brands, which he promotes on his Instagram account.

Originally, I had planned to continue my studies after the bac because I was doing well in school, but I didn’t really know what to do. I got a telecoms license for a year at Saint-Denis University and I didn’t like it at all“He does odd jobs for a while and does business training in Dubai,” he says.This is how I met people who advised me to go into modeling, and that was the motivation”, recalls the young man. Then he joined a modeling agency and the machine was launched.

At the same time, he is gradually taking his place on Instagram, with almost 11,000 subscribers. A true Gen Z entrepreneur.If I create a strong community around me, it will serve me when I want to start a business later. Impact today is the best advertisement when you want to start a business.

Very energetic and full of projects, he’s even trying to produce music,”For fun, for now.

However, Jason Lucasi has come a long way. He was assigned to Child Care (ASE) in 2003 as a child, and was placed in a foster family in Noailles, Oise, two years later, with his brother. “I was very lucky, because we left a very difficult situation with our parents, and arrived with the consequences of what we lived. The family knew how to make us get used to seeing people, to help us forget this past BuildingHe says. We didn’t lack for anything financially either. The most difficult is the emotional level. When you are in foster care, it is not like adoption at all. They are not our parents. We have teachers, regular meetings with the ASE, and every year there are provisions to see what happens next, to decide if we can go back to our parents or if we should change families.Reception for example.

Jason and his brother were unable to return to live with their parents. But they had a chance: They stayed with the same host family until age 18, the age at which childcare support stops. A move that could be tough for young ASE: According to a report by the Abbey Pierre Foundation, a quarter of the homeless born in France are former foster children. A fact that Jason was already well aware of. “Of course, that scared me a little. I don’t want to criticize ASE’s work, but if you look closely, a lot of people our age who are in difficulty are out of child protection.. “

Encouraged by the example of his brother who is three years older than him, he started preparing his future when he was 16 years old. “I am very close to my brother, he is my only family reference, and for a long time he was my role model. I saw what he did, and I probably didn’t make the same mistakes he did. He had more difficulties than me because he is a student and only had the scholarship to live for a long time. 600 euros per month, it’s not huge.

In this uncertain childhood, Jason Lucasi grew up a little faster than the others. Today, he attributes to his past and evokes it with philosophy. “Of course I missed, I missed my dad, but I’ll be honest, I had a great childhood. This path allowed me to build myself up, gain maturity faster and understand that my life and future depend only on myself, because if I fail, I’m alone, I can’t count on my parents, I no longer have ASE.

Today, he recounts his journey and hopes to inspire other young people from child protection. “I want to give them strength. I know the hardships they are going through, and I want to tell them that in that difficulty, you have to try to shine.

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