Latecomers, how to find student housing to start the school year

Latecomers, how to find student housing to start the school year

The start of the school year is fast approaching but some students are still homeless. Some leads can help find the rare pearl.

In a few weeks, the summer vacation will be over and students will resume classes. But some still haven’t found housing. Do not panic, there is still time.

traditional rent

First of all, a study by LocService, published in June, found that rent tension in some cities is lower than in others. This is the case in Paris. The capital is not even one of the 10 most tense cities in terms of student housing. This trend is also reflected in rents. Not only in the capital are the ones who fall. On the other hand, the rent tension in Angers is the strongest. There are four student applications for one accommodation. Since 2019, student rents are up 11.6%. La Rochelle comes with 9.7%, then Lyon with 8.5% growth in 3 years.

But the National Education and Occupation Information Office says there is financial aid. “Most often, a student is entitled to an ALS (social housing allowance) or APL (personal housing assistance),” the office specifies, adding:

“Students who are unable to provide a rent deposit to the owner due to their family or personal status can take advantage of the Student Rent Deposit Visale. The state acts as a guarantor. A Loca-pass advance is an interest-free loan that allows the security deposit to be financed required by the landlord. It is repaid over 3 years Maximum and can be combined with a Loca-pass guarantee, which corresponds to a deposit in the event of unpaid rent with the lessor. Or employees can apply to Action Logement.

There are several sites to find accommodation. Obviously the classics like SeLoger, LeBonCoin, or even PAP. But also specialists like Immojeune or LocService. For the latter, it is the tenant who meets their criteria and who will be contacted by the landlord.

housing lists the different solutions for students. Crous is clearly one of them. If it is still possible to register on the Crous site, the social assistance site specifies that steps can be taken from March. So it’s possible that there aren’t many places left.

Aide-sociale then offers to go through Lokaviz, this site, created by Crous, “in the form of classifieds, allows young people to find student housing with a private individual. Registration in Lokaviz is only via the MesServicesÉtudiant portal. In fact, once you can Entering the INE (National Student Identification) number, you can automatically access the Lokaviz website, as well as to the contact details of the various donors.

It is also possible to access places in university dormitories in the private sector. For this purpose there is a Student Housing Economic Development Association or sites such as Nexity Studea or fac-Habat.

homes and solidarity

The social assistance site reminds us that there are different solutions for smaller budgets. Thus, it is possible to appeal to KAPS, Kolocation for Solidarity Projects, held by the City Student Foundation Association (AFEV). “Established in 2010, it is a low-rent shared rental system for young people (3 to 6 bedroom apartments) who in return undertake to implement actions in neighborhood life (school support, improvement of the living environment, entertainment for neighborhood residents…).”

Students can also apply for a place in the Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs and in student homes run by associations across the National Federation of Student Homes. Finally, Cohabilis offers to connect the young with the elderly in order to achieve intergenerational housing.

Reaction, flexibility, … Tricks to get good

Alexandre Ducoeur, co-founder of Studapart, offers some tips for students for BFM Immo.

1 / Be responsive: new ads, responses to owners…

Browse classified ads, search real estate ad sites, talk to your loved ones… all means are good to find an apartment quickly.

You must be able to react and respond quickly to various messages. You can also create alerts with your different criteria and when the property matches, you will be alerted via email.

Being on-site will also save you time, as it lets you be there right away for a visit!

2 / Prepare your presentation and presentation before visits

In addition to the items required in terms of supporting documents (identity card, salary slips, guarantors, etc.), rental companies attach importance to the quality of your search offer: the reasons for the search, the planned rental period, if you have previously made successful rentals. You can also provide rent receipts for your previous residence if you are a renter.

Don’t forget to value the chosen property by insisting that it matches your standards and expectations: “The fitted kitchen looks perfect to me, the location is perfect..”

3/ Be flexible

The rental market in major cities is in turmoil, and it is sometimes difficult to get housing that meets your standards 100% on the first try. Rank the essentials in order of priority and forget about the optional criteria so you can make a decision quickly.

Response is the key!

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