Le groupe Arc emploie 5.000 personnes en France.

New government loan to Arc in Pas-de-Calais: glassware still being leaked

Once again, the state is flying in to help the arc glass business. The world leader in cutlery, located near Saint-Omer in Pas-de-Calais, will benefit from a A loan of 18.5 million euros. If we add the amount of public loans already granted in 2020 and 2021, the envelope will be 128.5 million euros. The agreement was reached in June but the decree was published on Tuesday 2 August in the Official Gazette. So it is not a question, Contrary to what is written by many media sitesa new loan of 128.5 million euros.

The company takes its head above the water

However, the new Arc aid, which was created 200 years ago, has been in financial difficulties for several years. group that It employs 7,800 people, including 5,000 in France Already benefited from several public loans to raise the bar. Ark finished 2021 in the red. On the contrary, the performance of the first half of 2022 is “Good” According to Guillaume Rabel Suquet, Director of Human Resources (HRD) at Arc: “Our turnover was above budget, and it shows that Arc is able to do well. The company’s head is above water, and this indicates a better year than 2021.”

However, the second half of 2022 begins in A very difficult context Because of external risks: inflation, the crisis in Ukraine, the explosion of energy prices, etc. “A few months ago, we entered a very uncertain economic environment with high rates of inflation. This money lent by the state makes it possible to secure lines of credit for our operations at the end of 2022 and 2023.”Human resource development details.

State and shareholder support

At the same time, As the American shareholder puts his hand in his pocket It is offering 18.5 million euros in equity this summer. For management, this is evidence that the state and the shareholder still believe in the company despite the difficulties associated with Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine.

The teams no longer see the end of the tunnel

Arc continues to invest in new equipment or refurbish its industrial tool: “We are investing more than sixty million euros in France in 2022”, confirms Guillaume Rabel Suquet. The complete order book is Uncertain for the end of the year.

Employees, confident or tired?

In a company, no one wants to testify at the microphone. Some, however, are entrusted great fatigue: They have the impression that the state is carrying it from a distance and that history is repeating itself. For those who see the glass half full, This new loan reassures. Employee comments: “We feel that the administration has a track and that it is backed by the state.”

We’ve been on the edge of a razor for years, the slightest glitch makes us fall

On the union side, the UGT, which is in the minority, says it is comfortable with this new year’s loan, but acknowledges the existence of Struggling to raise the morale of the troops. “The shareholder is there, he takes the reins and puts it back in the pot as soon as necessary, the state follows, but the employees wonder how long that will last. The company has been on a hiatus for years, teams no longer see the end of the tunnel, they no longer believe in it even if we had a lot of employees permanent”, Analyzes Frédéric Specque, CGT delegate.

At the CFE-CGC, CSE Secretary Patrice Bollinger sighed, Both confident tired : “In the first half of 2022 we had our best results since 2015, but we’ve been on the edge for years. The slightest glitch makes us fall.” For him, one of the problems is thatArk can’t get a bank loan. On the other hand, the unionist emphasizes the unwavering support of the shareholder, and is pleased with the assistance provided by the state in the form of a loan: “I’d rather go to court to demand the money than announce layoffs for us.”

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