Cotentin’s third mobility challenge: “What if we travel other than the car?”

The challenge concerns all residents of the Cotentin agglomeration, and the proposals to go around. (© DP)

on the few 130 municipalities consisting ofcotentin agglomerateMost of them are from the countryside. In these areas, it can seem difficult to get around without a car.

At the same time, in urban municipalities, the population is increasingly using bicycles and sometimes complains of insecurity in common areas with cars.

How to please everyone, while encouraging as much as possible the use of public transport or the so-called “soft” transport, that is, walking, cycling or even scooters?

move ‘differently’

That’s a question the elected officials of the Cotentin conglomerate are asking themselves, too, and to help them find them. Codev, the Cotentin Development Board, is launching the third edition of the Mobility Challenge, September 12-26, 2022.

The challenge concerns all residents of the agglomeration, not just residents of the city of Cherbourg, and it can be summed up in one sentence: “And if you travel without a car?”

It’s not about blaming the car for all the ills, but about trying to get around differently, and using the car as little as possible.

Matthew GiovanonCoved head

The goal of the challenge is to “co-build” thanks to the opinions of the citizens A transportation offer that suits the needs of all residents of the agglomerationin both rural and urban areas.

Videos: Currently in Actu

New: CAP On Demand

This year’s challenge includes a new feature: CAP On DemandTransfer service by reservation. The Mobility Challenge is also a way to test this new device.

active 1Verse July, the service seems to have been well received. Many residents ask questions about the service, “It’s a good sign,” says Jean-René Lechatreau, vice president of the urban community of Cotentin.

Participation Terms

To participate in this challenge, here are the conditions: You must be of legal age, have a driver’s license, use your car regularly and live in the Cotentin area.

We need a representative committee of agglomeration residents, activists, retirees, disabled, youth, non-youth…

Estelle HamelVice President of Cotentin . Development Board

Warning, the number of places is limited! Participants, who are expected to turn 30 this year, will be able to take advantage of a borrow an electric bike and a Cap Cotentin subscription card for free for the duration of the challenge. They will also receive a handbook for making a record, as well as a guide, consisting of participants’ comments from previous years.

Participants have until August 31, 2022 to send their applications to the following email address: [email protected].

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