Home loan for owners affected by bad weather since August 3, 2022

Home loan for owners affected by bad weather since August 3, 2022

Several cities in the following prefectures benefit from provisions of the Disaster Relief Act.

  • Fukui
  • Yamagata,
  • Niigata and
  • Ishikawa

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs here provides assistance to landlords who have suffered damage in the respective cities. If the loan is still valid for housing feel free to consult the bank to discuss it!

Please note, to take advantage of this assistance, you must obtain a り risaishômeisho, which confirms the level of damage and that the property is located in a disaster area.

Readers, forgive this small warning.Unfortunately, it is unavoidable when we talk about money and laws.

As with all articles on this page, Local News in Japan aims to facilitate the understanding of the procedures, but cannot guarantee that the translation will be error-free. These translations are provided without guarantee of results, including financial. Texts change all the time, especially right now. This means you should go Verify the information in the source. Links in the text below. In this case, it is the bank from which the loan was taken.

To draw the attention of those affected by the rains that have fallen since August 3, 2022

Published August 9, 2022

The Zaisei Moshi Yoshi 財 system is a public loan system, based on the principle of “a housing loan backed by a savings account” for borrowers using the Employee Savings System (財 貯 蓄).

This system is equipped with a special mechanism that allows reducing the interest rate on the loan by 0.2% for people whose housing has been damaged by natural disasters, when renovating or acquiring a new one.

The three savings methods (general, retirement savings, housing savings) of 財 are eligible to benefit. A reduction of up to 0.4% is available for people raising children (including pregnant women) or working in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) affected by these disasters.

Individuals who are currently paying off their weather-damaged home loan may benefit from a payment deferral and/or an interest rate reduction during the deferment period. This assistance is calculated according to the extent of the damage. People to whom these procedures apply will need to consult the financial institution with which they contracted this plan.

Learn more: 独) 勤 労 者 退職 金 共 済 (taisyokukin.go.jp)

Information about the affected governorates

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