Kate and William are ready for the throne, and Charles threatens scandal

Kate and William are ready for the throne, and Charles threatens scandal

Since her marriage, she has completed a flawless journey. England dreams of seeing her crowned alongside William. Charles, he’s in turmoil

However, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, was released from confinement for a few days, but it wasn’t enough to lose her self-confidence. On her fortieth birthday, the mother of the future heir presented photos reminiscent of Queen Victoria or Elizabeth. But despite the public enthusiasm, she will have to wait to take the throne. The order of succession remains a safe bet in Great Britain, even if it does not correspond to the order of the heart.

Because, while he and Camilla have finally won the favor of the British, the investigation puts his fate as the future king in jeopardy. The “Sunday Times” revealed that the Prince Charles Charitable Foundation accepted in 2013 more than one million euros from the family of terrorist Osama bin Laden. Controversy among other things about the origin of the donations. The punishment is immediate: according to Yougov, the famous polling institute, Charles’ popularity drops from 50% to 42%.

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What’s next for this ad?

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