Purchasing power law major measures, credit rates are still rising ... Today's environment flicker

Purchasing power law major measures, credit rates are still rising … Today’s environment flicker

Today’s fact: The Purchasing Power Act, the government’s first “emergency” provision to support the household budget in the face of inflation, was passed in a joint committee by Representatives and Senators on Monday, August 1. This text, which is planned to issue a little more than 20 billion euros, will notably record the early revaluation of pensions and social benefits, the creation of a “rental shield”, as well as the sustainability of Macron’s bonus. Find out on our website the main measures adopted for individuals.

continue with Practical informationWorld Health Organization you all Concerns if you are planning to go on vacation. In order to avoid unnecessary costs or unexpected defaults, it is in your best interest to check a few points in advance with your banking advisor (or using the online client area), especially the insurance contract associated with your card. Another must: raise your withdrawal limits in case of unusual expenses. Also pay attention to bank fees, which can be especially high in countries outside the European Union. Find out on our site the five reactions that you must adopt with your bank card to fully enjoy your holiday.

The Good news today It will benefit employees who have an employee savings plan. Representatives and Senators have recorded, Monday, August 1, the extraordinary release of the amounts resulting from participation and profit-sharing placed on a Company Savings Scheme (PEE) or Intercompany (PEI). Until December 31, 2022, holders of these plans will be able to withdraw up to 10,000 euros exceptionally, completely exempt from income tax and without having to wait for 5 years according to the rule. However, Perco subscribers are excluded from the device. More details on our website.

Today’s number: 1.68%. This is the average rate at which borrowers took out a mortgage in July. That’s 16 basis points more than it was in June, according to the CSA Housing Credit Monitor, the largest increase observed in 2022. However, this explosion should be put into perspective as it is much less than the increase in the cost of French debt over 10 years On the basis of this, banks establish their price networks. Find out in our article the rates at which you can borrow over 15, 20 and 25 years.

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