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Up to 1174 euros lost! These 5 tax credits and deductions you forget to claim

Excuse me! You are entitled to a credit or a tax cut… and you forgot to claim it in your 2022 ad? As the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFiP) opens its correction tool on Wednesday, August 3, MoneyVox searched archives and stats, then heated up the calculator. Just by focusing on 5 major tax benefits, these omissions cost up to €1,200 per tax household!

1 Donations to associations: 42 euro trips to more than 10 million families?

4.9 million tax households accurately filling in the 7UD and 7UF boxes of the income statement, synonymous with donations to charitable causes… and a reduction of 75% or 66% of the amount donated to associations or other charities (1). on the key, He said 234 euros average reduction for donations Colucci Law associations such as Restos du Coeur or Doctors Without Borders; And the €371 average reduction for all other donations.

However, the network of experts from the Association for Research and Solidarity, which draws up its reports in close cooperation with the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFiP), has tried to estimate Undisclosed donations. €2.8 billion was announced in 2020 for various types of donations. But 1.2 billion donations could have been announced, insofar as they are made by checks, transfers or (…) other online donations which makes it possible to issue a radar to evade a tax receipt. worst: 1 billion euros, giving the opportunity to bring the cash register closer, by SMS, or by hand, unannounced. result: 2.2 billion euros From donations likely to result in the right to tax cuts… Generous donors do not benefit.

How many families forget to announce their donations in this way? It is hard to say… If we relate these unannounced donations to all families who do not make any donations in their declaration, then it makes 42 euros for tax-reduction trips per dizzy family. However, half of the population does not pay income tax and has virtually no interest in claiming a reduction. By limiting ourselves to impossible homes and perhaps feeling dizzy, More than 10 million Nearly 40 million French tax families miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of this tax cut.

mmo. 7UD for donations to the poor, 75% tax reduction up to 1,000 euros from donations. 7UF for other donations, a 66% reduction.

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2 Membership fees and donations to political parties: 236 euros The rate of reduction for 26,000 activists?

Pay attention, the issue here is only donations and contributions to political parties! For donations to election candidates, you must fill in another box. then, Are Citizen Activists Good Advertisers? But yes. At least, the majority of them don’t forget to claim their dice again, according to our estimations.

Based on public advertisements, MoneyVox lists just over 190,000 members who pay an annual fee. Estimates inevitably turn out to be partial… because the issue of the balance of power between the parties carefully preserves the mystery of the number of members on the day of subscription. Moreover, the presidential party LREM, like La France insoumise, plays in another category: militants neither pay membership nor contribute …

Back to our taxes. Less than 165,000 tax families fill in Box 7UH, which is synonymous with donations and party contributions, with cl Payment of 358 euros per family to one or more political parties.

According to our accounts and discounts (2)And the Approximately 26,000 political activists Forget to claim this tax cut, because A potential tax benefit of €236 Each family involved.

mmo. Box 7UH: a reduction equivalent to 66% of the donation, within 7,500 euros and 20% of taxable income, i.e. tax savings up to a maximum of 4,950 euros.

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3 Fees for middle and high school students: a reduction of 107 euros for each child who goes to school?

on one side 3.4 million university students identified by national education. from the last Only 1.7 million college students, declared by their parents to the tax authorities. amnesia? Lack of information from parents about the existence of this tax cut for school fees? Or a lack of conscious declaration, knowing that it is just a reduction, a benefit by definition that only benefits families who have a tax to pay?

These questions are difficult to answer, but this omission or conscious absence of advertising is true for middle and high school students and responsible students: in all cases, about half of schoolchildren escape the tax authorities’ radar. result: 4.35 million children have been forgotten in secondary and higher education (3) From the Spring Declaration, for a He lost a tax advantage of 107 euros For each child involved, on average. In fact, the tax reduction for school fees is 61 euros for a university student, 153 euros for a high school student and 183 euros for a student.

mmo. Lines 7EA, 7EB, 7EC, 7ED, 7EF, 7EG depending on school level and family situation. Fixed reductions of 61, 153 or 183 euros depending on the level and half of it in the case of joint custody.

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4 Dependency-related costs: €1.174 lost by more than 280,000 residents of nursing homes and independent homes?

2004 Euro: here is the average price of accommodation institutions for dependent seniors (Ehpad) … per month (4)! However, anyone who lives in a nursing home, but also in a detached dwelling (formerly a home), is entitled to a tax reduction equal to 25% of the expenses made.

450 thousand taxpayers Declaration of these expenditures to the tax authorities … while DREES, which is the equivalent of INSEE for Health and Employment Statistics, has more than 730,000 elderly people were cared for in these shelters In total! In other words, approx 283,000 residents forget to claim tax benefits It follows…as the average reduction increases every breath €1174. The maximum benefit from the ceiling application is 2,500 euros.

mmo. The 7CD and 7CE fonts. 25% reduction in expenses within €10,000 per person sheltered, after deducting the APA (Personal Autonomy Allowance) from the expenses subject to the reduction.


5 Union dues: deduction of 112 euros from the tax exemption for 1.17 million union employees?

Did you know that just over 10% of employees contribute to a union organization in France? Admittedly, this unionization rate is much higher in the public service than in the private sector… In fact, all sectors combined, France would have about 2.7 million members from various unions.

Problem: DGFiP does not count half of them. However, this time it’s not about asking for a cut but actually getting a tax credit! The fact that employees who choose to deduct actual costs are not entitled to this tax credit is not enough to explain this gap. The result, taking into account the special situation of employees with real costs, MoneyVox estimates 1.17 million number of union workers (5) who do not benefit from the tax exemption to which they are entitled, a Annual interest of 112 EUR rate!

mmo. 7AC or 7AE Fund: A tax credit equal to 66% of contributions paid, up to a maximum of 1% of annual salary, this contribution towards their professional expenses.

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Of course, all of the overlooked tax benefits listed here are estimates and deductions only…necessarily imperfect. But it serves as a reminder of the importance of advertising: It’s not just a chore, but a support that allows you to claim tax benefits. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeking forgotten tax benefits, see you at the end of August: This article is only the first in a series…

Practical aspects now! Are you entitled to one of the tax deductions mentioned in this article? Or do you have children in school under 6 years old, with tuition fees? Or did you miss the boat to switch to deducting actual costs in order to take advantage of the all-new mileage scale? In short, did you forget to claim a tax deduction or reduction? Go to from Wednesday 3 August: DGFiP opens the online tax return correction tool. This patch tool will remain open until mid-December.

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(1) Donations. Sources: Research & Solidarits 2021 Report, DGFiP n7 Income Tax Receipt Statistics Study in 2020, May 2022. And MoneyVox Calculations.

(2) political parties. Sources: DGFiP public Statistics (2020), Research & Solidarities, Cevipof,, public statements from PCF, PS, EELV, LREM, Modem, UDI, LR, DLF and RN.

(3) Tuition fees. Sources: National Education and DGFiP.

(4) Ehpad and independent dwellings. Sources: DREES, CNSA, INSEE, and DGFiP.

(5) unions. Sources: Dares, OECD, DGFiP, CGT, CFDT, FO.

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