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At MotoGP Silverstone Alex Marquez finally admits: “After the crash in Catalonia I wasn’t 100% in the last races” – Paddock GP

Arriving at Silverstone for his comeback in the final part of his British Grand Prix season that he will make for the last time with Honda, since he signed with Gresini Ducati for 2023, Alex Marquez has stated he is taking her back for the Catalan Grand Prix. Which brings back to the table the topic of medical skills given to pilots after a heavy fall in the middle of a meeting.

Before continuing to contactAlex Marquez, we must remember what it was like to put him in the famous Grand Prix of Catalonia. pilot Honda LCR He was sent into battle a few hours after the shooting concussion been diagnosed. A night’s sleep had miraculously revived him and his eligibility was scored after self-assessment, the procedure. By the way, we can imagine the objectivity of this self-assessment on the part of the pilot who was then a weak link in the transfer market at the final stage of negotiations. The brother you know, who knows a lot about injuries and early recovery, did not hide it when he commented, after a performance on the great Montmélo Road, coming from last place in the top ten: Every result is important to my future and everything “.

We are now in SilverstoneAfter a five-week break. And what do we read? that the Spaniard had finally already suffered the consequences of his heavy fall in Catalonia and that during the following rounds in Germany and Holland, he felt it deeply…” After the summer break I can’t wait to get back to see my team at Silverstone and race again ” Announces Alex Marquez Before adding: I needed the summer break to reset my mind and recover physically after my crash in Montmelo [Barcelone]Which means I haven’t been 100% in the last races. Now I am happy to be mentally 100% ready and ready to start the second part of the season the right way. “.

Alex Marquez and all Honda passengers suffer

With an interesting track record at Silverstone in all categories, Alex Marquez He will be looking to repeat what he did last year, finishing in the top ten in England, having finished eighth in the 2021 edition of the British Grand Prix whose history this brand holds. Honda Achieved 9 of the last 10 peak positions on the starting grid.

By the way, when we find out the press release from his teammate Taka Nakagamiwe know things weren’t going well for him either… The Japanese had injuries during a difficult first half of the season, but he was able to work hard on his physical condition during the summer break: ” I had a very good summer vacation, I trained a lot I feel good about my physical condition at the beginning of the second part of the season. I’m totally excited about the weekend at Silverstone and can’t wait to start the second part of the tournament He said.

We will remember that being a pilot Honda In MotoGP it is not an easy task. In addition to the above mentioned in LCR, Marc Marquez Recovering , Stephen Bradel He had a burnt foot in Sachsenring and Paul Espargaro Just recovering from his rib injuries…No other factory dispensary involved in the Grand Prix is ​​so saturated.

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