Heat wave on prices at 400 seaside resorts - Ace Credit

Heat wave on prices at 400 seaside resorts – Ace Credit

In France, prices have risen in all coastal cities since the beginning of the health crisis. The prices of houses and apartments from the north to the Mediterranean vary with great disparities.

There is a strong demand for the coastal real estate market

The dream of owning a holiday villa or settling down by the sea is becoming more and more expensive. In fact, The influx of demand in the coastal real estate market has driven coastal property prices by more than 22% on average over the past two years. This was revealed by a study by the Meilleurs Agents website covering 400 French coastal resorts. Although prices have jumped in almost all coastal cities, there are significant variations by region.

Cote d’Azur, the most expensive resorts

Evaluating the real estate market in coastal cities, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region is still home to the most expensive resorts. On the podium we find Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat (Alpes-Maritimes) in first place with 15,924 euros per square metre, followed by Ramatuelle (Var) with 14,505 euros. Saint-Tropez (Var) climbed to third place with an average price per square meter of 13,384 euros. With an average price of 5591 euros per square meter, The seaside resorts of the PACA region are the most expensive in France. High prices that continue to rise, especially with the return of foreign customers who have returned after two years of absence due to the pandemic and its restrictive measures.

Attractive locations on the Atlantic coast and Brittany

Brittany is the coastal region that has seen the largest increase in two years. with 26% price increase He is the big winner in the health crisis. The allure may have been enhanced by the successive restrictions associated with the coronavirus, but also by its accessibility. In fact, The extension of the LGV Atlantique line to Rennes and Nantes facilitates travel within the region. Mad for the Coast should not, however, slow down acquisition projects. Indeed, in some coastal resorts, average prices remain affordable. This is especially the case in the canal, where prices average less than 2,000 euros per square metre. In Languedoc-Roussillon it is possible to live by the water in Tourelles or Port-la-Nouvelle for just over €2000 per square metre. Therefore, it is advisable to seize the current opportunities if the real estate purchase project is mature enough. In fact, with the ever-rising prices, the provision of land with a sea view is likely to cost more if the project is delayed. A specialized broker can support the search for the best financing. He quickly finds the most competitive offer with the best real estate price but also the best terms according to the profile and project of the borrower.

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