Residential Savings Plan Rate Should Increase in 2023 - August 2022 - News - Financial Investment - Meilleurtaux Placement

Residential Savings Plan Rate Should Increase in 2023 – August 2022 – News – Financial Investment – Meilleurtaux Placement

Like all regulated savings accounts, the Housing Savings Plan bonus is set at a maximum of 1% for a period of six years. Very low rates in the long run and stagnant prices limit their performance. However, as interest rates rise and inflation returns, it is possible to reassess the yield.

The housing scheme is aimed at French people who are planning to buy or build their own homes. This structured account allows them to build capital to facilitate obtaining real estate financing.

By mobilizing this plan money, the saver gets a preferential rate on their mortgage. The saving period can be up to 10 years, but the amount deposited in the account is limited to 61.200 euros, excluding interest. The reward for these savings is determined by the Bank of France. The latter has not made any revisions since 2016. The situation should change this year, with inflation continuing to accelerate.

Possible increase of three-quarters of points

Like the US Central Bank, which just announced a new increase in key rates Рthe fourth in a row Рon July 27, the Bank of France plans to raise the PEL wage rate from January 1, 2023. Official. However, officials at the H̫tel de Toulouse are already talking about it in the media.

Banque de France refers to a A possible increase of three-quarters of a point, i.e. + 0.75% from 2023. These 75 base points are based on market data collected by the institution at the end of June. His calculations show a 1.60% rate, but it will be rounded up to the next quartile point, i.e. 1.75%. Even if this rate hike was good news for savers, its impact would still be limited.

The Economists expect inflation to be 7% at the end of the year. In other words, the money put into a home savings plan will lose its value. On the other hand, to take advantage of this adjusted rate, savers must open their account after January 1st. Unlike other structured accounts, a housing savings plan pays a fixed return for the life of the savings. So the rate of the plan depends on the date of its opening.

A product left by other organized brochures

The home savings plan rate review is good news 14 million French people own it. Admittedly, the yield on this account changes more slowly than the rate of inflation. Ledgers opened before 2023 will also continue to pay a return of 1%.

However, this new bonus – still hypothetical – should restore the image of this investment, which has long been neglected in favor of Livret A or life insurance, for example. In spite of The thrust ceiling is three times higher than that of the Livret A, The housing savings plan doesn’t have the aura of other structured accounts, mainly because of its self-indulgence.

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