Des soldats et des policiers israéliens bloquent des routes près de la frontière avec la bande de Gaza, le 4 août 2022.

Tensions in the south: Israel remains on high alert, Tsahal considers attack option – I24NEWS

The Jewish state fears an attack by Islamic Jihad on the border after the arrest of a leader

Tensions on the Gaza border and restrictions on Israeli communities near the Palestinian territories continue for the fourth consecutive day.

Israel fears an imminent Islamic Jihad attack on the border after the arrest of a leader of the group in the West Bank earlier this week.

The Israeli army has banned leave for fighters from the Gaza Strip, while restrictions on Israeli settlements can be extended for several days.

According to sources in the security services, if Islamic Jihad tries to carry out an attack, Israel will respond with great force. The possibility of Tsahal taking the lead in the attack is also being studied.

Behind the scenes, Israel, through the Egyptians and Hamas, is trying to achieve calm.

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Islamic Jihad presented three demands to the Egyptian intelligence service: stopping the arrest operations carried out by the Israeli army in the West Bank, specifically in Jenin, releasing the organization’s leader arrested in Jenin on Monday, Bassam Al-Saadi, and releasing the administrative detainee. Khalil Awad, a resident of a village near Hebron, has been on hunger strike for more than 140 days.

Islamic Jihad is willing to concede to the first two demands, but not to release Awad. According to a Palestinian source, in the event of his release, Jihad could raise these threats of attack on Israel. But it seems that the Jewish state does not want to surrender.

Moreover, during Thursday’s meeting between Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi and the mayors of southern towns, the military official did not guarantee that the restrictions imposed in southern Israel (closing roads and preventing people from leaving certain areas) would be lifted soon.

Israel is even considering imposing additional sanctions on Gaza to increase pressure on the terrorist organization, such as reducing the fishing zone. The tools at Israel’s disposal are very limited, as significant restrictions such as the ban on entry of Palestinian workers into Israel and the closure of crossings have already been imposed.

Meanwhile, the situation for Israelis living in southern towns has become more complicated: for three days, roads in the area have been closed and they are currently under orders to stay home.

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