Clermont/PSG - Galtier évoque le collectif, le coaching et le retour de Mbappé

Claremont / Paris Saint-Germain – Gallier talks about the collective, training and the return of Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain beat Clermont 4-0 (Claremont/Paris Saint-Germain video summary) this Saturday at Gabriel Moonbed Stadium as part of the First day of Ligue 1 2022-2023. After this match, the Parisian coach Christophe Galtier (55) spoke on the microphone of Canal +. The French coach savored his team’s performance, especially in the efforts made, and then talked about the upcoming training and the minor injury of Kylian Mbappe (23-year-old striker) with reassuring news.

Galtier “They like to play with each other. They want to score, they defend collectively.”

Paris Saint-Germain released a superpower?

We are in continuity of what we have since recovery, in Japan and at the Trophée des Champions. The team is better stable than it was at the beginning, that’s normal. What I remember, we have a lot of talent, that’s undeniable, but above all the collective desire, the desire to get the ball back so early, to be so strong. With a little slack, there was little at the start of the second half, but then the team played very well. They like to play with each other. They want to score, they defend collectively.

Galtaire “The season is long, it’s only the first match. »

Is there too much effort from everyone?

Yes, like Pablo Sarabia which gives a very good balance. Leo, who is very quick to respond to a loss. Neymar has put in a lot of effort, which makes it possible for you to be very stressed.

Do you succeed in doing what they were not able to do before?

Since my arrival, I’ve had a very receptive group that loves to work and have fun together. The season is long, it’s only the first match. Obviously I’m satisfied with the match, and the fact that I didn’t compromise on chances. It is a very enjoyable evening.

Faster than usual preparation?

I think a lot of players got ready before the start of the second half. After that, I used to work with these employees. We are in good shape. I also have to take advantage of these matches to integrate players. I strive to make the five changes so that everyone is engaged and up to speed.

Galtier “Young people should be concerned. »

Enter Zaire Emery?

Words are always beautiful. Warren was so good with us during the prep, I had to give him minutes. He is one of the youngest players to play in the French league. It is important to put the words into action. Young people need to feel anxious. They must participate when the match appears to be folded.

Difficult to reintegrate Mbappe?

Killian is indispensable in this project, he has kept to very high goals. It will not be difficult to integrate them into the group.

Will it be easy by training to release Neymar, Messi or Kylian?

I already mentioned this with 3. We’re currently in one match a week. After that, it will be very compact. Obviously, it will be necessary to manage these players as much as possible. If asked players do not want to go out. But it has to be done and maybe sometimes he doesn’t start to have a strong team always.

Galtier “If we were in a Champions League match, he might have played. »

Mbappe ready on Saturday against Montpellier?

Yes I think, he had a little panic. We didn’t want to take any chances. If we were in a Champions League match, he might have played. I think it will be there against Montpellier.

It is a pleasure to be with this team?

It is a real pleasure for the coach. It is special. Just give them two pieces of information and they will do the rest. We have to make sure that the state of mind is everywhere throughout the match. We don’t want to hit goals, and then have fun together. So it is very nice from the bench.

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