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F11 excluded, Pancrate: “Veretout is a good asset for OM”

For Foot11, former striker Fabrice Bankrat recounts Jordan Veritot’s FC Nantes’s first steps into the pro world in 2011 and judges his development. more

Jordan Veritot will return to Ligue 1 in Marseille. The 29-year-old international midfielder has played for FC Nantes and FC Saint-Etienne. Arch in England at Aston Villa before traveling to Italy. In 2017, he signed for Fiorentina, and in 2019 he joined Roma. He won the European League Conference this season with Lowe Club. Fabrice Bankrat, with whom he played in Nantes, tells us more about the new recruit from Marseille.

What memories do you have of the Jordan Veretot that you met in Nantes?

“Jordan is a good player above all. Very likable and fun. He is a player who has to be framed from a lifestyle point of view. He was young and relaxed. At his age, he tended to do everything young people do. He enjoyed life while playing football and doing well. He was He has to realize that it was his job. Jordan would have been twice as efficient, if he had positioned himself in a living environment. It was time. He met his wife and then had a child. He balanced things.”

Jordan Veretot and Fabrice Bankratt played 45 matches for Nantes / Akon Sport

“It was difficult for him in England. Today, he has found what suits him best in Italy. In fact, we see the full extent of his talent, whether in Fiorentina where he played or in Rome. He is someone who recognized the France team thanks to his high-level performances. It is a fair reward for him. Jordan A good man.

What are his qualities in Nantes when he played with you?

“He had a great deal of play, but he also had great physical ability. He rarely breathed and had great VMA. Jordan was able to put in the effort both offensively and defensively. Thus, to make the relay between defense and attack. Veretout was able to make assists, As well as scoring and finishing free kicks, all his attributes made him a skilled and high-level player.

A word about its development until its arrival in Marseille?

“It’s strange that you talk to me about this because I was watching the football news yesterday, because I’m in the middle of it. I came across his news about him and Marseille. As well as the controversy that generates the possible departure at Marseille of Jordan Veretot. Regarding his qualities and his potential, it could be This is an added value for a club like Marseille. Jordan played at a very high level with Roma in the Champions League and the European League Conference. He could be a very good component for Marseille. Marseille is a very special context, not everyone can play there. We have seen it in the past with certain examples.”

“I wanted to call him and I’ll give him three little tips. However, I’m not in his place. The Marseille context is difficult. When you win, you are a god. When you lose, it’s nothing. That’s how it is at the big clubs, I want to tell you. For the club, it’s a good asset. Marseille is still one of our leaders in our tournament.”

“We don’t talk to each other every day. But sometimes, I send a message on WhatsApp and we exchange it. I congratulate him on his performance. Sometimes I call her for something else. In fact, I’m also a sports consultant. When you have players for clubs including his team, You’re in contact with the athletic director. I don’t call him as regularly as the other players on his team, but I can have him once a month or once every two months.

In what aspects does it progress?

Jordan is very consistent. He happened to be good in one match and less good in another. Then, being mediocre in another match and finally being good again. When you have a family, you attend your matches differently than when you were when I was young. There is the fatigue that appears which is different when you are 20 compared to now when you are 28-29. Veretout takes a lot of initiative and the game on its own. He is less shy. In a club like Roma, free kicks, he is the shooter. Penalties He’s the one shooting. It’s good for a French player to win at a club like Roma and in the Italian context. Jordan also scored a lot more points than before.”

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