Here, Jaguar is testing the electromagnetism of its cars (why?)

Here, Jaguar is testing the electromagnetism of its cars (why?)

Like many other automakers, Jaguar Land Rover is in the race for all-electric mobility, and is investing heavily in the future of electric and connected vehicles. The group announced today that the new Range Rover Sport will be the first vehicle to undergo a dedicated EMC testing program.

Electromagnetic compatibility tests?

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the ability of electrical equipment and systems to function properly in their electromagnetic environment. Jaguar Land Rover explains that EMC’It works by limiting the generation, spreading and unintended reception of electromagnetic energy to reduce the risk of harmful effects, including interference.“.

Also, Jaguar Land Rover has already developed a new laboratory, in Gaydon in the UK, that will be responsible for contributing to compliance with current and future legislation and quality standards.

A test center with two anechoic chambers: an electrically “silent” road that allows engineers to test vehicles at high speed, and equipment to evaluate the performance of individual components, such as batteries or electric motors. The center will be particularly responsible for testing functions such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, or even 4G and 5G connections, without forgetting about wireless charging or even blind spot monitoring.

And so it is the new Range Rover Sport, which was launched last May, and is the first vehicle to undergo a specially designed testing program at the company’s new headquarters, for which we will conduct several electrical and radio interference tests. Tests aimed not only at ensuring quality and legal compliance, but also customer satisfaction.

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Let us remember in passing that Jaguar launched its strategy to imaginewhich aims to transform the brand as an all-electric luxury brand from 2025 in order to ” Realizing their unique potential Thus, over the next five years, Land Rover will receive six different types of purely electric vehicles, with a strong intent to assert itself as a leader in the global luxury SUV market.

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