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Social – Delays in reimbursement continue at CPAM du Loiret … Insured attests

The new wave of Covid, which suffered at the beginning of the summer, did not allow Wart’s health insurance fund to make up for its delay in processing sick leave files.

Loiret CPAM was overwhelmed by the number of sick leave (due to Covid in particular) it received last January, 68000 compared to 26000 in January 2021. By establishing a telephone deterrent and limiting the reception of the public to the afternoon hours only and by appointment, ‘Extension of treatment periods’ should be ‘absorbed by the beginning of July’the management of the health insurance fund Loiret told us.

A woman who gave birth to a stillborn child waits more than three months to receive compensation

No income since early May

Isabelle, a resident of Guy-le-Potier and a freelance home helper, has been described as a Sick leave on May 4th. A moratorium that has been extended for other problems until the end of July. You have not yet received any daily allowance. An unbearable situation when she lives alone and exhausts her meager savings.

Her daughter helps her as much as she can, some employers too, and her neighbors have been feeding her for months, but when she’s just re-started, Isabelle wonders how she’ll be able to fill the tank. his car to go to work, How will you pay the last monthly installments (total one year) to pay off the home loan

Take a medical examination at the CPAM health examination center: its mission is prevention

Only one more stop in fifteen years of activity

Loiretaine, who pays by employment service check, carries out this activity For fifteen years without taking leave. She only had one more sick leave. for appendicitis. You really didn’t expect to encounter such difficulties.

“I was told: You are not the only one in this situationShe asserts that this was confirmed to her by her banking advisor when she explained to him her problems or interlocutors in the health insurance fund, who warned her that the urgent treatment of her file would take at least ten days. If they have a shortage of people, I would like to go and work there,” she confirms.

Why not better?

Wart’s Health Insurance Fund had taken measures in the spring to successfully reduce delays in processing files – and thus in the payment of compensation. But a new wave of the Covid virus contaminated the Laura area at the beginning of the summer, causing about 35,000 to stop operating in July.” An increase of 80% compared to July 2019“The teams are strengthened through recruitment and mutual assistance within the network of health insurance funds,” the management identifies. The average repayment period has been improved by fifteen days But it’s still far from normal.

Philip Ablin

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