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We tested it for you – at the Charlemagne Island Tree Climbing Course, you quickly gain confidence

I have not yet reached the legal age, at least I hope so, but the instructions are clear, to me, at the entrance to the “Léo Parc Aventure” on Charlemagne Island in Saint-Jean-le-White: too old to have in the “Children’s” courses.

Regardless, the welcome was friendly and the equipment was delivered quickly: belt, pulley, hook, and hook, to ensure my safety on a whim “Continuous Life Line”, And here I am ready to take a walk in the trees, they are all checked annually by an expert from the National Forestry Office (ONF).

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From 2 to 102 years old

Here, when climbing trees, we do not tamper with safety … Nothing can be considered without a start-up video at the entrance and an initial reminder session, feet on the ground, “which makes it possible to verify that the instructions have been understood”, explains Alexis Neveu, Director.

Starting ! Gloves and closed shoes are required. Above the ground, a few seconds are enough to understand that you are out of your comfort zone. The balance is unstable because the tension from head to toe is very real. Fear of heights fades with time. Those who suffer from dizziness, sweat profusely, but not only because of the high heat.

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Courses adapted to each level

Is apprehension, the need for reassurance, that explains the quick dialogue with others? Neglecting young people facilitates exchanges. The joy of Lexi, 5, and Amy, her sister, 10, are infectious. The two share a moment with their mother, Anthony and Charlene. The family, who came from Saran, lives in the cold, under the shade of rolling trees, oaks, and ash trees. There is no age for practice.

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“From 2 to 102 years old,” slips Alexis Nevo. The difficulty of the courses is adapted to each age and level. Minutes pass and he feels the first signs of fatigue: Aches guaranteed for tomorrow! Meanwhile, we’ve reached heights, in a place where the fresh air is breathing. Take your time, especially since you have half a day left.

Locking in gestures points to the tip of his nose. Finally, a demonstration of motor skills…and then, the zip line? Hung, and don’t even be afraid!

Practice. Léo Parc Aventure, a leisure base on Ile Charlemagne in Saint-Jean-le-Blanc. Prices: 4 to 22 euros, depending on the route.

Laurent Coursimault

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