Animal protection: “A successful adoption is first and foremost a thoughtful adoption”

Animal protection: “A successful adoption is first and foremost a thoughtful adoption”

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, between 750,000 and 1 million pets are adopted in France each year. This does not prevent France from recording waves of record-breaking year after year.

Logic: To give up an animal, you must have already adopted it. Most likely without asking the right questions.

These questions, Camille Grass, director of the SPA shelter in Quimper (Finistere), asks them frankly: Are you well aware that you are sticking to yourself for ten, fifteen, or twenty years? Do you know how much it costs to keep an animal? Would you be ready to adapt your projects to him? »

Moral and financial commitment

Because adopting an animal will be a part of your life – every day of your life – it is also and above all a life project. It is a wonderful adventure, permeates camille, but a lot of people still adopt for the wrong reasons. The animal is neither a stuffed animal nor a decorative accessory that you put on hold when you have better things to do.

From this point of view, the reasons that are often invoked in shelters during desertion speak for themselves: She makes a lot of noise when she goes to her garbage ; It’s the wrong color ; We didn’t know he was going to grow up. or: Can we replace him with someone younger than him?

Camille contact: People adopt “ideas about animals” that are far from the truth of what animal we have to educate, to which we will have to devote time daily, to which we will have to take care of when they are sick …

Before adoption, plan ahead

His first tip: Keep the animal of a loved one to test your desire for an animal: this will allow you to know what you are really ready to do. Second tip: visualize yourself in the future. If you are a student, are your professional projects compatible with an animal? If you are of a certain age, have you thought of a solution to the animal in case something happens to you?

Eight months after the Animal Abuse Control Act was voted on, its first executive decree has just been passed. It’s about the certification of commitment and knowledge that will be required prior to any animal acquisition. But not until next October, or until July 2023.

We expect a lot from this testimony, Camila explains, but at the moment we have no indication of the concrete terms of application. Will it empower educators, too? Today, we have more and more abandonment of small purebred dogs…

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