Bajnaya sees Zarko above the lot before the race

Bajnaya sees Zarko above the lot before the race

Faster than ever, yet not quite ready to compete with the drivers who have set the standard at this point in the weekend, Pecco Bagnaia doesn’t quite know what to expect for the race. Only one certainty, Johann Zarko is strong, very strong!

The last Grand Prix winner so far, Pecco Bagnaia feels it will be even tougher this time for him to join the fight as he sees a fairly open race looming at Silverstone and has completed the first two days without managing to fully tune in. his machine.

“I guess I can say that there are currently six riders who can fight up front. Some of them are a little faster, some a little slower, but we are all more or less there. To do 1’57.9, you still have to have a certain rhythm, The Ducati rider is watching, fifth qualifying on a very competitive course.

The six drivers at the front of the grid were all actually put at under 1’58, which is unheard of at Silverstone. Even Jorge Martin, who flirted with the previous record, dropped to ninth! However, lap performance is added to the level that is currently perceptible in terms of race speed, at which point the man stands out according to Bagnaia.

“In my opinion, Zarco is currently the strongest of all. He’s been able to be very fast and very consistent, and he’s done a few laps with the hard tire and feels really good about it, so he’s done a good job”, Judged. Himself having trouble gripping his rear tire, Bagnaia is especially eyeing the Frenchman this weekend. “I think the fact that the Pullman guy, or at least the one who has shown the fastest speed to date, is riding the same bike as me can be an advantage. It allows me to clearly see where I’m wasting time, and it’s two angles. I have to know how to make the difference there because I I’m having trouble holding back while he has no problem with that.”

At the end of the qualifiers, the Italian did not feel ready to threaten Zarco, or even to claim a victory. Sur une piste qui lui avait valu bien des difficultés l’an dernier, le pilote Ducati voit bien qu’il a progressé, mais il n’est pas le seul dans ce cas et doit donc miser sur les dernières heures pour setre par in level.

“I would say I had my best time in qualifying, and yet it wasn’t enough! The truth is that compared to last year, the level on this track is amazing. We’ve made great strides in terms of speed,” He points out. “I started a lot better than last year and I don’t feel so bad, but I still missed something. Sure, at Assen everything was easier for me and this time it was necessary” We are no longer working. But we are on the right track. my time [samedi] Evidence that we are heading in the right direction.”

“We’re still twenty laps away to be in the leading group and be able to win the race, but we’re working on it. Right now it’s hard to understand where I am in terms of pace, because in EL4 I’ve taken a completely different strategy than the others. Anyway. I think we can be competitive.” Bagnaia refers to the official MotoGP website. “I think on the new tyres I’m with them. The problem is after 12 or 13 laps: we don’t know where we are because no driver has completed many laps with a tyre, except for Fabio. [Quartararo] and Alex [Espargaró] And they were very competitive.”

If the Italian driver is trying to learn from the PR4s, it’s because he competed in the session with medium-worn tyres. But another driver stood there, his name is Johann Zarko who did the whole session with a solid rear tire and set the best time… “A driver who has tried the hard tire, and he’s Zarco, can give us very good things to look at, so we’ll wait, pick a good tire and then see what we can do.”

What about the championship leaders, Fabio Quartararo and Alex Espargaro, who put him on the grid? “In my opinion, right now, they both have an advantage in terms of race speed. They’re a little bit faster, especially Fabio I think”, he thinks. But the Spaniard at the moment is uncertain as to the race and the French will have to pay a fine. “I think the long penalty kick wouldn’t hinder Fabio’s kick too much because it would be a seven or eight tenths loss and he has the speed to catch them. I will try to take advantage of that situation because I am not good with the bike…”

One thing is certain for Bagnaia: the race is still open. “I think it won’t be easy to break down in the race because the tires wear out a lot and you have to be careful not to overdo it,” It warns. At 2pm we’ll see who led the best 20 lap preparations in the program on the longest track in the championship.

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